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Nearly 70% of Digital Media Time Spent on Mobile

The new “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report from comScore has recently been released, and it contains some interesting, though not necessarily surprising, information about how people are spending their digital time.

The first thing that is to be noticed is that mobile devices now make up 69% of the time that users are spending on media. Of the time people are spending on them, 60% of spent on mobile apps. This is certainly no surprise, given what we see in the general behavior of people all around us. People are quickly moving away from desktops and toward more mobile options.

Since 2013, desktop usage has dropped 8%. During that same time period, the usage of tablets has gone up by 26%, and smartphones has gone up 99%, in terms of number of hours spent on each type of device.

Watching videos on YouTube fits right in line with trends, with 7 out of every 10 minutes of video being sent to a mobile device.

The report also looked at which sites are getting the most viewers. In the top 5 there aren’t really any surprises. Google sites are #1, Facebook is #2, and Yahoo properties are number 3. Microsoft and Amazon round out the top 5.

As you continue to browse through the report, you’ll be shown more and more just how dominant mobile is becoming. The growth rates continue to be impressive, and it seems that within the next decade, desktop computer usage will only make up a fairly small percentage of total time users spend on digital devices.

You can view the full report HERE.

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