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Pinterest Offering Promoted App Pins to All Brands

Pinterest has been allowing their premium brand advertisers to use ‘Promoted App Pins’ for some time now, and many have found it to be a very effective ad option. The ad type, as the name implies, is a promoted pin that is linked to the App Store or Google Play to encourage people to download some type of new app.

Due to the popularity of the ads, they are rolling this option out to all of their brand advertisers. This means that those who are running self-managed ad campaigns through Pinterest, will now be able to take advantage of this potentially powerful type of advertisement.

One of the most popular ways to use this type of ad is by making it a ‘playable ad’ which is primarily used for games. The advertisement has a brief piece of the game built right in so people can actually interact with it and see how the game works. Once they are ‘hooked’ they will have to download the actual app to continue enjoying it.

When this type of ad was being used by brands on the site, more than 70% reported that this was a successful advertising strategy and helped them to get people to download the apps.

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Michael Levanduski

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