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Location Based Advertisements On The Rise

Advertising based on user location is being utilized more than ever these days. And with the ever increasing amount of dollars being spent on mobile advertising, being able to provide location specific ads is even more valuable.

According to research firm BIA/Kelsey, 2016 mobile ad spending in the U.S. was $33 billion, and they project that by 2021, mobile ad spending will increase to $72 billion, which equates to a 118% increase.

Research done by Interactive, a leading independent mobile ad exchange, found that when looking at ad request data from its own mobile ad traffic, ad requests containing location data had risen 170% from 2015 to 2016

In addition, the research also found that when looking at 5 of its top publishers, there was an increase in video ad requests by 133%, and an increase of eCPM for ad requests that also had GPS information.

According to Roni Anavi-Fass, VP Product at Inneractive, “Location data delivers a win-win-win situation with users receiving more relevant ads and advertisers and publishers enjoying higher engagement.”  He also stated, “The data on our platform shows that ad requests are enriched by GPS information, and location data has a higher value on exchanges.”

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Michael Levanduski

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