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Google Overtakes Apple as World’s Most Valuable Brand

Apple has been the ‘king of the hill’ when it comes to most valuable brand for quite some time now, but according to the annual study conducted by Brand Finance, that is no longer the case. Google has overtaken Apple and now has the honor of being the most valuable brand in the world.

This is not necessarily anything bad for Apple, as their value has continued to grow. It has just been a particularly strong year for Google, and as Android continues to see a lot of significant success, that is likely to continue. Of course, Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone is slated to come out later this year and many people are expecting (hoping?) that it will be quite groundbreaking so that Apple can regain some of their past dominance.

The report looked at the 500 most valuable brands in America, which are now worth a total of $3.14 trillion dollars, which is up 11% from last year.

The report looks at a number of factors when ranking which one is the most valuable, including their marketing efforts, brand familiarity, consumer preferences, how sustainable the company is, and much more.

You can see the full breakdown of the report by clicking HERE.

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