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Yahoo Announces New Native Ad Experience for Marketers

If you thought Yahoo was no longer a company that marketers need to think about, you may be wrong. While Yahoo is definitely having some trouble, and will likely be acquired by Verizon soon, the fact is that there are still some great opportunities. Yahoo has recently announced a new ad experience that will allow marketers to better target those who use Yahoo Mail.

With the new feature, the ads that appear at the top of Yahoo user’s email inboxes will be able to be treated just like a normal email message. You can click the ad now, or use normal email options such as save, read, or forward. This will make it so users are able to help improve the results of an ad campaign by sharing or saving the advertisement.

Another advantage with the new system is that marketers will be able to target users more precisely. Since users are logged into Yahoo, targeting can be done on things like age, gender, interests, and much more. This improved targeting should make Yahoo ads get higher click through rates.

Yahoo has done some testing on the new system and had some impressive results. Some key information from the testing includes:

  • The new mail ads from Yahoo outperformed native ads
  • Mail ads beat industry benchmarks.
  • Merkel Periscopix ran tests on both the Yahoo system and other solutions and Yahoo beat the other by 10x on CTR, with a 50% reduced cost per conversion.

Those who have written Yahoo off will definitely want to reconsider. This new solution from Yahoo is innovative, and appears to be quite effective. In addition, you can often get great ‘deals’ on Yahoo ads due to the fact that they aren’t nearly as popular as some of the bigger agencies like Facebook and Google.  You can read the full release from Yahoo HERE.

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