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Vegan Choices for Making Your Own Health Products

With the new year here, many people are making resolutions for healthier eating, with veganism appealing to more people than ever. Because vegans avoid consuming anything that comes from a non-human animal or insect, things like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and even honey are all exempt from their dietary choices.

With a little online research, food items that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan are easily identified, and many vegetarians add dietary supplements to help meet their nutritional needs. Fortunately, with vegetable capsule technology replacing traditional gelatin capsules, vegetarians and vegans now have choices for their dietary supplements and OTC products. Companies like (FDC) have manufacturing partnerships with first-to-market encapsulated vegan products that are 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, non-animal materials that are approved by the Vegetarian Society as well as Kosher. By partnering with an expert like FDC, advertisers and affiliate marketers looking for vegan health & beauty products can take advantage of established relationships with vetted and certified manufacturers, volume discounts, and reduced lead-times for products.

This small-but-growing segment of the world’s population is driving the demand for quality vegan supplements and companies like FDC are pioneering offers in this space. Even mainstream companies like Ben and Jerry’s are offering products catered to vegetarians with a new line of non-dairy, vegan flavors, Petcurean released a vegan dog food for (vegan) man’s best friend, and the popularity of Thug Kitchen’s cookbooks shows going vegan can still be manly AF, too.

For more information about going vegan in the US, check out the American Vegan Society; in the UK, look to the Vegetarian Society; and if you’re in Canada, V Word Market has you covered from head to toe. And for more information on how you can FDC’s product offers and fulfillment services, click here.

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