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New Tutorial Released from Google on AdMob Native Ads Express

Google has recently published a new video tutorial that will help users of AdMob Native Express (for iOS) to get the most out of their experience. This video tutorial is a part of their ever-expanding Mobile Ads Garage series of videos, which can provide a lot of help for those who are beginning to use mobile advertising.

The Native Ads Express system is made to make it easier for publishers to improve the look of ads. They can build different templates for use on their site so that the ad servers will use the right font, color, size, and other things to ensure the site and ads compliment eachother well. This can, of course, lead to higher CTRs.

This particular tutorial is episode 12 of the series, and in it you will see Andrew Brogdon explain how using Native Express should be done. It will also show how people will be able to integrate these ads into iOS apps using a ‘UITableViewController.’ Brogdon is with the mobile ads developer relations area at Google, and provides some excellent insights and advice on how to start using these tools.

You can watch the full tutorial on YouTube, HERE.

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