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(Infographic) Three Top Ways Most Affiliate Marketers Fail

Everyone wants you to think that Affiliate Marketing is the “get rich” scheme of the last decade. You’ve heard it over and over again from those trying to sell success stories:  You can make millions, just “like me” through affiliate marketing. However, most people don’t actually succeed and most of those “make money now” gurus are just taking your money for some old scam, and only make money on selling potential affiliates the scam.

However, the truth is that affiliate marketing can work wonderfully for everyone involved. It’s a very effective, somewhat risk-free and cost efficient method of advertising. Merchants can work with all the right publishers to create a program that is highly successful, and makes everyone happy. So why do most affiliate marketers fail?

1) Wrong Audience. An affiliate marketer needs to actually plan what the audience is before promoting a product. Hoping to drive random traffic, “nothing” Facebook clicks from India won’t make you rich overnight and most likely just waste all your budget. You need to make sure that your site’s visitors match the potential targeted customers. Just throwing “crap” at the wall and hoping it will stick will result in very little results, but very fast. No matter how hard you push a promotion or how good a product/service is; if you are pushing it down the throat of the wrong consumer, it will never be swallowed. So to make any good money from affiliate marketing, you need to know your audience, what they are interested in and then promote those things to them.

2) Lack of Real Interest. You better love what you do, otherwise you’re going to get very bored, very fast. The best affiliate marketer has always been someone who talks about what they really love. If you’re writing a site about Child Birth and Raising a Kid, and you’ve never given birth, nor have a kid, it’s going to be a tough journey really fast to find any excitement in what you do. Affiliate Marketing is an art, the art of marketing a product to targeted users and motivating them to buy, or sign up to something. If you love what you are doing, and have a real interest, it’s a lot easier to be involved. My point here is, if you are interested in something, passion for doing it will come automatically and when someone is passionate and dedicated, success is bound to come.

3) Giving Up Too Easy.  I’ve seen this so many times with almost all marketers: they give up on a strategy way too fast, and wonder why things don’t work. Not everything will take off immediately, and more importantly, sometimes things only need a little bit of a tweak to make them work. Every campaign may not perform perfectly the first day, and perhaps a slight change in targeting will fix it. Similarly, if you’re only judging how a campaign does over a few hours, you’re almost always going to fail – nothing works overnight, ever. Collect data and let the campaign run for a couple of days, and try to optimize along the way when you have enough data to evaluate and cut out low performing variables.

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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