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Desktop Purchasing Grew? During Holiday Season Yep!

A new comScore report came out and reports that for the time frame of November 1 through December 18 of this year’s holiday season. The report indicates that when compared to the same time frame last year, there was a 13% increase in dollars spent online. This 13% increase brings the total spending for the time frame for 2017 to $55.2 billion.

Looking at the last full week before Christmas, December 12 through December 18, the report shows an increase in online sales of 15%, representing total sales of $7.6 billion.

Friday, December 16th, 2017, also known as Free Shipping Day, saw a total of $967 million in sales from desktop purchases. Although $967 million is a large amount of sales, it ended a 22 day streak of consecutive days where the daily total for online desktop sales reached $1 billion.  In total, during the 48 day timeframe, the report indicates that for 30 of those days, desktop sales reached the $1 billion mark.

Another report from Adotas (the publication Founded by our Publisher), from December of this year(2016), surveyed marketing execs to get an idea of how marketing dollars are likely to be spent. The report indicates that 30% of the respondents anticipate spending the same or less on marketing technology in 2017, whereas the other 70% will be increasing budgets spent on marketing technology.

The Adotas report also points out that some of the important activities of 2017 are likely to be SEO, content marketing, and digital advertising, as 80% of the respondents indicated there would be an increased focus in these areas.

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