Avoid the “Shell Game” of Fulfillment Fees!

It’s hard to guess under which shell you’ll find the ball after some quick sleight of hand, right? That’s because you’re watching the operator’s hands — not the ball.

Fulfillment providers that lead you focus on the fulfillment fee, really don’t want you to look at the postage. In 2016, Fulfillment.com clients spent almost 3 times the amount on postage that they spent on fulfillment services.

Due to its massive shipment volume, Fulfillment.com receives the highest possible discounts from the USPS. In addition to providing USPS door-to-door service, Fulfillment.com also offers the services of USPS-authorized postage consolidators, DHL and FedEx SmartPost. All shipments handled by these authorized consolidators travel on USPS tracking numbers from start to finish.

For lightweight orders (1 to 15.999 ounces), Fulfillment.com offers delivery services from DHL. DHL picks up at Fulfillment.com US distribution centers and delivers its client’s parcels to the consignee’s Post Office, with final delivery made by the USPS. By taking on the majority of the work, the USPS grants substantial discounts to its authorized consolidators. Fulfillment.com enjoys these discounts and shares them with its clients. For instance, DHL Ground Service provides a discount of 7% to USPS First Class rates. So, the Internet retailer spending a $1 million annually on lightweight postage would save a whopping $70,000. DHL and Fulfillment.com also offer Expedited Service. Savings offered are 3% ($30,000 on a $1 million postage spend) and in the most recent month measured, DHL delivered all shipments* in an average of 3.81 days, while the USPS delivered in 5.00 days.

The magnitude of savings are substantially enhanced for shipments weighing over a pound. Fulfillment.com is partnered with FedEx to deliver orders weighing over a pound. FedEx picks up orders with USPS tracking numbers from Fulfillment.com and delivers them to the Post Office making the final delivery to the consignee. However, for “pound-plus”, Fulfillment.com is able to offer fantastic savings to its clients. From its Savannah distribution center, Fulfillment.com offers at 47.6% discount from its already low USPS Priority Mail rates, saving $476,000 for an Internet retailer spending $1 million annually! The discount is only somewhat lower from Fulfillment.com’s Pico Rivera (Los Angeles) distribution center at 39.6%. but still an amazing savings. Best yet, in the most recent month measured, FedEx delivered in 4.16 days, versus 4.20 days for USPS Priority Mail.

Keep your eye on the ball… Superior service and pricing is an unbeatable team!

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