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Amazon Sits On Top of SMB “Trust Index”

Alignable, a local business network site, has collected what they call NPS(net promotor score) from small business users, along with members of its site. The site asks business owners and its members to rank brands on a scale of 1-10, based on how likely they are to recommend the brand to someone. Alignable then takes this data that the users have provided and compiles it into a list that rates the providers of different types of services, and calls this list an SMB Trust Rating. According to their website, this rating “helps to shed light into trust and satisfaction levels between brands and business owners.”

Alignable does not attempt to verify if those taking the survey are current or past users of the services.  They point out that they believe they get a more accurate and complete picture of how the brand is viewed by businesses when they do not limit the survey to only consumers of those brands.

Notables in the top 10 are: 1.Amazon  2.Wordpress 4.Google 6.FedEx 7.Instagram 9.Twitter 10.LinkedIn

Notables in the bottom 10 are: 1.Yelp 4.YP 5.Comcast 7.Groupon 10.DemandForce

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