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Periscope Launching VIP Program for Active Broadcasters

Are you a loyal periscope broadcaster?  In addition to building an audience, you may now qualify for their VIP program, which offers a variety of additional benefits and recognition. While it seems that qualifying for these levels won’t be easy, it can help to further build an audience since potential viewers will see that they are popular.

To start with, those who qualify will get either a gold, silver or bronze badge based on the size of their audience.  They will also get a variety of collaboration tools for interacting with other users of the platform, which will help to further grow an audience.

Those at the bronze level will need to have at least 10,000 followers.  They also need to have at least 200 live views per broadcast, on average.  This level is supposed to have 2 broadcasts per week.  The benefits at this level include options to help the user look ‘on point’ during the broadcast, improved visibility in the search results, access to improved best practice guides from Periscope.

To reach the silver level, it is necessary to have at least 30,000 followers and an average of 300 or more live views per broadcast.  The benefits here include everything that bronze gets, plus improved support options, private broadcasts from the team at Periscope, and a ‘Slack’ channel to help with collaboration.

The gold badge is a big jump up, and requires 100,000+ followers with an average of 500+ live views per broadcast.  This level will get everything from silver, plus the option to collaborate with the Periscope team through an ‘elevated access’ level.

These are some pretty significant perks that broadcasters will find very useful.  Of course, it will take some effort to meet the requirements, but it looks like it will be well worth the effort.

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