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350 Twitter Employees Get the Ax as Company Continues to Struggle

With the most recent buyout talks seeing to fall through, Twitter is left on their own (at least for the moment) and it is not looking good. They have just announced that they are laying off 9% of their workforce (350 employees) in order to streamline the way the company runs. This large round of layoffs will also likely make them a more attractive company for a buyout, which is clearly what Twitter wants to happen at this point.

The layout announcement was made when Twitter announced their third quarter earnings, which were actually better than most people on Wall Street expected.

Most of the layoffs are going to take place in Twitter’s sales and marketing division. This will allow Twitter to continue to focus on improving their product, which is what any potential buyers would be interested in anyway.

The layoffs come almost exactly a year after Twitter fired 300 other employees.

Further information about the layoffs, and what Twitter will be focusing on in the future, should become available in the coming days.

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