Whitepaper | The State of Marketing 2016

Incite Group has just released their new whitepaper, which includes comprehensive research on a variety of different topics related to marketing today.  The report, titled, “The State of Marketing 2016” covers many different issues, but more importantly, gives tips on how marketers can find success today and long into the future.

The paper gathers information from over 1000 marketing executives who worked to provide exclusive insight concerning personalization, content marketing, storytelling, marketing attribution, and much more.  In the 30+ pages you will learn about key marketing areas including:

  • The Biggest Problems In-House Marketers Face in 2016 and Beyond
  • Why 48% of all Brands are Increasing their Content Marketing Budgets in 2016
  • 8% of Brands are More than Doubling their Content Marketing Budgets
  • How Personalization can be Used to Drive Success
  • What Marketing Attribution is and How it can Help Your Company
  • Comparisons in Multiple Industries

The report is available free of charge (they do gather an email) to anyone who is interested in it.  This year’s report has more information and insights than ever before.  Whether you’re marketing your own products, promoting affiliate products, or working for a specific brand, this whitepaper has something that will help you take your performance to the next level.

You can learn more about this whitepaper and request your free copy by clicking HERE.

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