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How Do You Market to Gamers? New Study Provides Insight.

A new study has been released from Softonic that looked at how gamers (especially mobile gamers) look at advertising, and marketing efforts in general.  Given that many mobile games today are funded through advertising, it is clear that there are lots of opportunities for marketers who want to get in front of this crowd.  While app marketing in the past has been primarily by other apps looking to gain users, that is not necessarily the case anymore.  Many companies are looking to mobile app advertising as part of their overall strategy.

The survey researchers wrote on their study, “In-game ad content has relevancy for 54 percent of free-to-play mobile gamers.  More than 1 out of every 2 free-to-play mobile gamers feel in-game ads are accurately targeted to their interests.  Almost half (45 percent) of mobile gamers would be willing to pay to unlock additional content within a free-to-play game.  Just about 1 out of every 2 mobile gamers who downloads a free-to-play game will make purchases within the app.”

In addition to the good news that gamers feel like the ads are well-targeted to them, this comment really looks at just how many people are paying for ‘freemium’ games.  Having 45% of people who play these games actually spend money in-game is significantly higher than many would expect, and may make it a smart move for some developers to create these types of games.

Regardless, the report also covers other important information.  It said that about 25% report that they are very unlikely to actually pay attention to any in-game mobile ads.  Just 17% of them are most likely to stop playing a game altogether because of ads.

If you’ve never looked into mobile app advertising, this report certainly makes it sound like a great opportunity that is too often overlooked.

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