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Craig R. Brittain CEO of Dryvving Goes Crazy and Threatens Muslims

Craig Brittain

Craig Brittain, perhaps one of the worst people in the United States, with a history of creating revenge porn websites has been at it again. The guy claiming to be the CEO of Dryvving, seems to have an serious issue with Muslims and has been sending them death threats during episodes of rage and anger.

In a letter sent, he claims among other things that President Obama planned the attacks in Orlando, and that he is in business to try to abolish the US Government.

He’s already been in a lot hot water for randomly approaching people for investment in his newest “venture” and then threatening them when they refuse to invest. According to BusinessInsider, he has been going on fits of rage about the fact no one wants to give this guy money, and then goes and threatens them.

He claims in the BusinessInsider.com article that he is a different person, but this email sent shows a person with some serious mental instability. They also point that besides being an abhorrent racist, he has an extreme hatred for women and frequently attacks females online and harasses them.

Worse, the person he sent to is Jewish, not Muslim.


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