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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages to Launch on February 24th

Google has confirmed that the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will begin showing up in their mobile search results on Wednesday, February 24th.  The AMP is a project that Google has backed to help publishers create pages that load quickly on mobile devices.  It is an open standard that anyone can use.

There isn’t too much information regarding how Google will handle these pages.  Some people expect that Google will give them an SEO bump because of the fact that they should load more quickly than pages that don’t use the AMP standard.  Others thing they will just show up along with the other pages in there with no benefits.

At this point it is all speculation.

You can, however, get a ‘sneak preview’ of what it will look like by going to the demo page on any mobile device.  You can get to that demo page by clicking HERE.

The AMP system is widely seen to be a positive move toward a faster mobile environment for all.  This will help people around the world, especially in places where modern mobile data is not nearly as fast as it is in most developed nations.

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Michael Levanduski

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  1. Mobile is the way to go in the future, so Google taking a great step here to ensure the safe future for mobile users.

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