Neverblue Killed for New Branding

Only a few years after Neverblue was bought out of a bankruptcy by the fine folks at GlobalWide Media, it seems that the company in its previous form is gone forever. GlobalwideMedia, owned by California businessman and amateur poker playerFarshad Fardad is announcing that they will be bringing all parts of their companies, includong Pulse Mobile and Neverblue into the fold under the GlobalWide Media name.

Farshad Fardad

Farshad Fardad

“Together we have some of the most respected and recognized brands in the digital marketing industry, and together we will provide an unparalleled portfolio for the world’s leading brands and agencies,” said Farshad Fardad, Chief Executive Officer of GlobalWide Media. “We look forward to the unique opportunities that this unification will create for our clients worldwide,” added Fardad.

“Over the last 10 years, the GlobalWide Media family has produced measureable, meaningful results and that’s something that will grow exponentially as we look into the future,” said Fardad. 

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