Is Anyone Seeing Your Ads?

There is a growing problem with banners not being seen. Even if you take away bot traffic, fraud and much more, there are tons of issues with where banners are placed. Do you want your ads to be 100% viewable? Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Ted Dhanik, President & CEO of engage:BDR. In this exclusive interview, the first of three parts, discover why Ted likes his big cat pillow, what’s new with engage:BDR and their partnership with Floor 6, and how you know that the inventory offered is 100% viewable. Also find out how this removes the risk of fraud, why you can be assured that it’s not bot traffic, and what a 100% viewable ad actually looks like. Ads that are 100% viewable are more effective than what most SSPs are selling today. What does it means to your bottom line if your ads are only 20% viewable, how it affects your CTR, conversions and other metrics, how it compares to sending email to fake addresses, and more.

Part I

Part II

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