Display that Produces Results

We’ve talked a lot about engage:BDR over the last year or so. It’s because engage:BDR is changing the world of display in a way that is changing the entire online marketing industry. They are listening to their advertisers and publishers, creating a system that actually works harder for everyone to produce the highest ROI for everyone. Instead of trying to serve the most impressions, they are trying to serve the best impressions. The result is inventory that produces results. Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. In this interview at Ad:Tech NY, discover what’s new with engage:BDR including video, native advertising on CPC, and fraud detection. Also find out the benefits and drawbacks of native advertising, what’s required for video advertising, when you should consider various types of advertising, and more. Contact Ted directly at ted@engageBDR.com, or visit engageBDR.com for more info.

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