Report: Pinterest Best for Qualified Leads

Shareholic has recently released a new report that goes over the different social sharing sites, and which ones are most effective for driving traffic and sales.  While it is no surprise that Facebook remains the number one source in referral traffic, it seems that for many people, Pinterest actually provides more value.

Facebook accounts for about 22% of all referral traffic.  Pinterest, which is in second place, drives just 5.5% of this traffic.  The top five are rounded out with Twitter driving .88%, Google+ pushing $.007% and LinkedIn at just .004%.  Based on these numbers alone, marketers may be tempted to focus the vast majority of their efforts on Facebook, but it seems that this would be a big mistake.

The value of the traffic coming from Pinterest seems to be much higher.  For example, people coming from this site viewed 87% more pages per visit than those that came from other sources.  This, of course, is a key signal that the people are very engaged.

One customer who was published in the report found that by promoting their Pinterest page they were able to increase their total traffic by 60%, and enjoyed a 198% improved total pageviews.

Of course, engaged visitors are also much more likely to make a purchase, sign up for an email list, and take all sorts of other positive actions that marketers are interested in.

You can see more about this in the full report HERE.

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