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Rebill King Jeremy Johnson Facing Major Jail Time

A federal judge Tuesday set a trial date for St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson and four associates who allegedly stole millions of dollars from customers in an Internet marketing scam.

A four-week jury trial is scheduled to start March 2, 2015, before U.S. District Judge David Nuffer.

Johnson, Scott Leavitt, Bryce Payne, Ryan Riddle and Loyd Johnston were named in an 86-count indictment alleging that they committed fraud in connection with Johnson’s online business, iWorks.

Prosecutors allege iWorks used numerous websites to tout bogus government grants that were available to stop foreclosures and pay down debt and pay for personal expenses such as groceries, home repairs and utilities. The sites claimed the grants could be accessed through a CD offered for a $2.29 shipping fee.

The five men were charged in March 2013 and prosecutors asked for a trial in April, expressing concerns about the memories of witnesses as the alleged crimes date back five years. But the court said the large amount of evidence in the case called for more time.

Johnson is also central figure in the criminal charges filed last month against former Utah Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow. County prosecutors allege they accepted gifts from Johnson, including use of his private jet and luxury houseboat to look the other way. Johnson hasn’t been charged in this case yet, because he reportedly making a deal as a potential witness for the prosecution in that case along with Johnathan Eborn

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Pace Lattin

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  1. Next the FBI and FTC need to investigate Octave Klaba of and in particular the France division. This company should have all of it’s assets frozen.

  2. So is this a civil trial? Why would he then be facing major jail time? Where are you getting your facts?

  3. I cannot help but notice the increased frequency of massive litigation involving players in the IM industry. Marketing practices which used to apparently fall into a ‘grey area’ are certainly the target for seizure and charges as well as public-example-making. Be careful friends. Its just too easy to negotiate your IM relationships into a romance with greenbacks, at the expense of the consumer and your freedom. Advertising norms evolve and online marketing legal dynamics even more so. Keep it clean(er). Good luck.

  4. I met with this band of thieves at iWorks one time in late March 2009 for a possible joint venture. They were running multiple companies out of the iWorks campus. I spoke to their charge-back team and they told me that they were processing 10,000 charge disputes (chargebacks) per month. I didn’t just walk out of that facility I ran. I knew it was just a matter of time before the FTC got these guys. I just didn’t want it to happen when I was there visiting.

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