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Matt Cutts Slaps Ann Smarty

Google had recently sent out tweets and other communications letting people know that guest posting is not to be used strictly for SEO, and it looks like they were serious.  The first major guest posting community has been slapped down with a significant Google penalty in the rankings.

MyBlogGuest, which is a service that matches up writers and blogs for guest blogging opportunities, has been penalized.  This is a similar penalty that Google has been doing against back link networks in the past.

The move was confirmed by Matt Cutts, the head of search engine spam at Google, in a Tweet which read, “Today we took action on a large guest blog network.  A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging:

This was also acknowledged by MyBlogGuest founder Ann Smarty in a tweet, which read, “[Official] Even though #myblogguest has been against paying for links (unlike other platforms), @mattcutts team decided to penalize us…”

What this penalty means for MyBlogGuest, and more importantly, for those who used those services, is not fully known yet.  If you do a Google search for ‘My Blog Guest,’  however, the site is no longer on the first page, which is one major impact that can be confirmed.

Over the coming days and weeks, more information will come in from marketers and site owners who used that service, so we’ll have a better idea of the overall impact.  This is likely the first of many other actions taken against guest blogging in the future.  It is important to note that not all guest posts are going to be a problem; it seems that it is only those that are doing this type of thing exclusively for the SEO benefits.  Of course, how accurate Google is in determining the intent of guest posters may be a problem.

Have you used MyBlogGuest?  If so, how are your rankings looking?  What, if any, impact have you found so far?  Please share your experience in the comments below.

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Michael Levanduski

Michael Levanduski is the assistant editor of Performance Marketing Insider, and an experienced freelance writer. He writes content for a wide range of sites in virtually every niche, though he specializes in technical writing as well as creating content for the performance and internet marketing industry. Michael was born in Grand Rapids, MI where he still lives with his wife and three children.

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  1. At the they also get penalized. I think Google is doing good in this way some spammers get red alert to them . so that they will stop playing with him, At the end Google is right in his Policy .

  2. What’s crazy is that if you posted a single guest post 3 years ago for free, you got penalized this week. Three years ago no one was saying guest posts were an issue.

  3. Yes I used MyBlogGuest in the past and yes I was affected by it.

    Last night I got hit by Google for Unnatural Outbound Links. The clean up is just a few post on one of my blogs. I should get in the clear with Google easily.

    What makes bad is that you have to dofollow links. That’s against Google’s rules so now they’ve taken action. Plus, that platform was becoming a SEO Spam Trap anyway.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems like you’ll recover quickly, which is good.


  4. But it’s OKAY for major brands to pay for sponsored posts because that’s “legitimate” advertising. Yep, that’s right. Maybe Google doesn’t realize that it’s handing the internet over to corporate. Yeah… that’s it. They just don’t realize the evil they’re doing. :/ Until Google ~smacks down~ a major brand I will remain convinced that they are just another cog in the corporate wheel, determined to be king over the peons who have the nerve to think they can build a business on the internet. And sadly, a majority of individuals have bought into the skewed perception of what spam really is! It’s taken the big boys less than a generation to take control of the internet.

    I remember a time when you could surf the web and the worst you might encounter was a tacky little pop-up banner. Today you can’t surf anywhere without a TV-like commercial auto-playing. I don’t surf for commercials yet I’m forced to watch commercials. But that’s not spamming at all is it?

    1. It takes a lot of money to keep the Internet filled with the information, entertainment and other services we have all come to expect. It is no surprise that paid advertising gets a pass with this type of thing.

      Until there are other ways to fund all the expenses (and profit) from the Internet, online advertisers won’t have to worry about getting ‘slapped’ by Google.


      1. “Until there are other ways to fund all the expenses (and profit) from the Internet, online advertisers won’t have to worry about getting ‘slapped’ by Google.”

        I can tell you right now, you are not qualified to respond, let alone write an Internet marketing article! You clearly have no idea how things really work.

        1.) Major corporations get “slapped” all the time. Most recently, Expedia. A slap is just that, a warning.

        2.) The guy you’re responding to is essentially saying “paid advertisers get a pass on everything (organic SPAM, for one) and little guys get blown out”. That is 100% accurate and has very little to do with whatever junk you said about funding the fucking Internet information pipleine HAHAHA.

        Bottom line. Big ADWORDS ADVERTISERS still get slapped (EXPE spends upwards of $24,000,000/yr at Google – I personally know this) but the penalty is temporary. It’s to get the point across that manipulation of any kind will not be tolerated, however, they are in no danger of losing everything because Google can’t rationalize losing ad budgets like that.

        Now, the “little guy” like me, that’s an affiliate with ad spend of over $200,000/yr on average has been banned for life over 5 times for running affiliate sites of “low quality”. Organic rankings with these same “amazingly low quality websites” were in the top 10 for financial terms just 8 years ago with NO link buying, or spammy techniques – just content.

        This happened Internet-wide, and it isn’t because top advertisers have better content, Google doesn’t give a fuck about content in high $ niches (just check GEICO’s, Progressive’s, HR Block, Visa, American Express’ LP’s if you don’t believe that) they just want revenue.

  5. It’s clear that anyone using guest posting is going to have to be very careful moving forward, but the thing is that Google can’t necessarily tell what a guest post is unless it’s done through one of these big networks – so I think we might see more guest posting networks feel Matt’s wrath. You only need to search ‘guest post service’ on Google and you’ll see there’s lots of others, that look a lot shadier than MyBlogGuest.

  6. Ann Smarty is one of the most favorite blogger cum entrepreneur for me , however Matt Cutts is one the most disgusting person for me (along with 1000s with me). matt cuts teaches world about spamming and he never flows rules in his own blog.

  7. That was really a shocking news to hear from Matt Cutts about penalizing MyGuestBlog of Ann Smarty. Matt has been telling about Guest Blogging and giving us warning for more than a year but none of us bothered as we believe that guest posting was a best way to build backlinks and rank in Search Engine.

    Anyway this should be a wake up for all bloggers and SEO industry who rely on guest posting for link building. It is not that guest posting is dead, it is only a warning to post Quality contents again.

  8. It is just like heart attack for guest bloggers because MyBlogGuest was a heaven for blogger. But Darren Rowse of problogger has proved that Matt is not the God of SEO. Darren published a guest post titled “Conversion Case Study: How I Made $7115 From 85 Unique Visitors” written by Marcus Maclean on 3/24/2014.

  9. I really don’t understand such anxiety of Google when it comes to SEO and link activity.

    Isn’t this so rude that they penalize sites, instead of politely ignoring links?

    The base of Web and Internet is free. That comes to me

    1. I don’t think you can call it a dictatorship – Google’s just changing how things appear on their search engine.

      Although it may be a broad stroke, it is up to them, they are a for-profit company.

      If you decide to remove a comment from your site – it’s the same kind of thing, limiting what visitors can see on your site.

  10. It’s concerning yes, but I think that in the long run there will be a great deal of benefit in terms of guest posting.It will help to weed out the spammy posts. Sure bloggers will be wary for a while, but when things settle down they will start accepting guest posts again – providing that they are quality posts.

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