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Clickbooth Starts Rewards Program for Affiliates

ClickBooth has decided to take affiliate marketing to a new level, first with announcing No Haggle Payouts, where they guarantee the highest payouts in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing industry and now they are introducing a new rewards program for affiliates.

Want cool stuff for doing what you already do? Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Brad Dobbins, Clickbooth’s Vice President of Affiliates about the launch of their new cb:Rewards program. Discover how this unique program rewards you for doing what you already do as an affiliate, and how you can earn prizes including gift cards, iPads, cars and more. This is not a contest, so every affiliate earns points with the chance to cash them in for a wide variety of prizes.



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Heather Vale

Heather Vale is a seasoned journalist, writer and interviewer known as The Unwrapper™. For more than 20 years she has worked in all media: TV, radio, print and online. She began interviewing on the internet for the first time in 1998, and for the second time in 2005. Many of the sites she has founded revolve around her branding concept “Unwrapped” — which is about metaphorically peeling back the layers of the onion to get to the core truth in any topic.

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  1. Boring…

    Nothing new about this.

    Many networks are doing this already. Affiliaxe, Neverblue & Maxbounty have the coolest contests/prizes i’ve seen so far.

    1. Hey Gary,

      You earn points by running traffic. Run traffic, earn points, get rewarded. It is a bonus program, so you’re still receiving the highest payouts and getting a bonus on top of that. All affiliates are eligible!

    2. Basically by doing what successful affiliates are already doing! Drive traffic, get sales, make money, and now, you can get points too. Seems to be a great new offer from CB!


  2. Just another network that tries to imitate affiliaxe or cdealer. Bring new ideas people!

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