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Kochava Benefitting from HasOffers Facebook Troubles

Ever since Facebook ended their data-sharing relationship with mobile analytics providers Kontagent and HasOffers, there has been something of a feeding frenzy from other companies trying to attract potential new customers.  Kochava, a growing mobile analytics firm, has stepped up their game and launched a new version of their already popular ad effectiveness measurement platform.

This new version will allow mobile advertisers to get a better look at how effective their advertising campaigns really are.  Providing information from 300 mobile ad networks, including major players like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Pandora, Kochava can show customers exactly where they are getting the best return on investment.  They can even help determine the cost per acquisition for each new customer brands get, and how much the lifetime value of a user (LTV) is.

Kochava helps companies of all types of companies with their mobile marketing efforts, however, they specialize in games and other app marketing.  Customers like Disney, Kiwi, CBS and MachineZone all rely on the high quality tracking information that they get from Kochava to ensure they are getting the best return on investment for all their marketing dollars.

The platform for tracking mobile ad campaigns can be installed in under a day, according to Kochava, and makes it fast and easy to add or remove different mobile ad networks from tracking.  This allows marketers to experiment with different platforms to see which ones are bringing in the type of traffic that converts the best.

In addition to simply tracking the data, the system will also help to identify unique users, so brands don’t have to ‘double-pay’ for visitors that come from multiple networks.  If, for example, someone visits a page from Facebook, leaves and then comes back through Pandora before buying, the company won’t be paying for the referral to both sources.

With many customers that were formerly with Kontagent or HasOffers prior to their removal from the Facebook data sharing program looking for a new partner, Kochava is looking to grow their business rapidly.

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Michael Levanduski

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  1. That is a smart move by that company to step up there game and quickly put out there new version. Facebook is an important component that cannot be ignored.

    1. I agree. They really moved quickly, and will undoubtedly pick up a lot of big new customers. In this industry, moving fast is critical.

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