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New AdWords Feature Allows Tracking of Offline Sales

AdWords has long been used for generating leads which translate into offline sales, but it has been difficult to track the success of these campaigns.  Until now.  Measuring and optimizing campaigns has just been made much easier with a new feature from Google’s AdWords.  Marketers can now upload information about their sales into their AdWords account, where it will be combined with other information to give businesses a much better picture of how successful their campaigns really are.

How the System Works

When a user sees and clicks an advertisement for an offline product or service, it will trigger the creation of a unique click ID from Google (GCLID).  This ID will be saved, along with other information about the lead which is captured when they fill out the customer information on the landing page.  When a sales member contacts them, and completes the sale, the information from the sale can be loaded into the AdWords tool (along with the GCLID).

Google AdWords will compile the information about the sale with the information about the AdWords campaign, to generate a detailed report.  The offline and online conversation rates can be used to help optimize future advertising campaigns.

Benefits of This System

When used properly, marketers will be able to pinpoint which keywords lead to completed sales, and which ones are only leading to customers filling out the lead generation information.  It will also display, in an easy to read format, which types of clicks are leading to which types of sales.  Identifying where the high-profit sales are being made will allow marketers to focus on getting only the most profitable clicks with their campaigns.

Displaying a complete picture of how online ads are generating offline sales will be invaluable to businesses. Marketing software providers such as Mongoose Metrics and Marketo are already providing guidelines on how to set up this offline conversion tracking, and Google has published its own tutorial as well.

You can see Google’s instructions HERE.

What do you think about this feature?  Companies which rely on sales leads will undoubtedly find it extremely valuable.

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