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You Suck At Affiliate Marketing

I spent some time last week speaking to a few experts on why most people fail at affiliate marketing. After a few conversations, we came up with this video which explains why YOU SUCK AT AFFILIATE MARKETING, and more importantly, why most people are failing. While I can’t take credit for all the ideas, it’s an informative video that might help you with your game. These rules and ideas don’t just apply to affiliate marketing, but anything and everything you are doing in the marketing industry.



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Jennifer Selleck

Jennifer is a former NYC based model turned business woman, and the Host of PMI-TV. She is best known for her role as a witty commentator on Facebook who doesn't take crap from anyone

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  1. It takes money for each project and sometimes they aren’t profitable or are only profitable at certain times of the year. Having a lot gets expensive. Good advice.

  2. OUCH!
    This one nailed me right between the eyes. I had never really considered these causes for my failures before.

    I have about 15 projects I am trying to do at once while applying 3 different promotional methods and I am exhausted and broke.

    Looks like I am due for a big change in the way I do things.

    Thanks a million for the kick in the butt,


  3. This was a great video! It is funny but very true. I never bought into those get rich quick videos because instead of you getting rich, you’re just making the person who created those crappy videos rich.

    What helped me make money in affiliate marketing is only promoting products I know a lot about.

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