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MobAff Gone, Becoming MediaWhiz Mobile!

Wow, amazing news from Matomy Media and MediaWhiz, showing how strong the mobile space is. Relative new started MobOff, owned by the Angry Russian Alexander Tsatkin, has been sold to Matomy Media — which will be in turn, making it part of the MediaWhiz group. This shows that Matomy Media is doubling down on MediaWhiz, knowing that its a great player in the space and making huge strategic decisions. Matomy is still buying companies I am told, and more importantly, will be taking over much of the space.

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV (July 9, 2013) — Global performance marketing company Matomy Media Group today announced the acquisition of Fort Myers, Fla.-based mobile affiliate network MobAff. MobAff will be integrated within MediaWhiz, a leading North American performance marketing agency acquired by MATOMY earlier this year. The acquisition of MobAff will bolster MediaWhiz’s burgeoning mobile performance marketing practice, which launched in March 2013.

As part of the acquisition, MobAff founder Alexander Tsatkin, along with other members of the company, will relocate to MediaWhiz’s New York City headquarters. MobAff’s proprietary mobile marketing technology will be integrated into MediaWhiz’s award-winning affiliate network.

“MobAff’s mobile optimization technology and strong expertise in mobile affiliate marketing will be a huge asset to MediaWhiz’s growing mobile performance marketing practice,” said Ofer Druker, CEO of Matomy Media Group. “We are impressed by MobAff’s strong presence with advertisers and affiliates, as well as the technological solutions it has developed. I am confident that this acquisition will benefit the MATOMY and MediaWhiz customer bases, offering our advertisers and affiliates cutting-edge technologies — alongside other performance marketing products we have developed — as well as greater audience reach and effective results in their mobile advertising campaigns.”

Founded in 2011, MobAff works with leading advertisers and affiliate networks in the United States and internationally to help them efficiently generate and deliver leads and acquire customers. The company offers mobile cost-per-action and cost-per-lead (CPA and CPL) marketing services in display, push, search, click-to-call and more.

“Joining MediaWhiz is a great opportunity for us to work with an industry leader in performance and affiliate marketing,” said MobAff founder Tsatkin. “We look forward to collaborating with our MediaWhiz and MATOMY colleagues to help affiliates and advertisers optimize their mobile lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns.”

“We’re thrilled to bring the MobAff team’s mobile performance marketing expertise and technology into MediaWhiz,” said MediaWhiz CEO Hakan Lindskog. “Mobile is the future of performance marketing, and our acquisition of MobAff puts us on track to becoming the industry leader in delivering high-value mobile customer acquisition and traffic monetization solutions for advertisers and affiliates.”

With 7 branches worldwide and more than 250 employees, Matomy Media Group serves 40 billion impressions per month for 500 of the world’s leading advertisers across 7,000 publishers in 85 countries, and enables optimizing campaigns across all digital media to ensure cost-effective, controlled and high-quality results.

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Someone have a clue how many advertisers and affiliates Matomy has been ripping off?

    Such a shame that they use MediaWhiz’s as back door to penetrate the u.s market.

    Ask people who used to work there.

    They have access to all the data from each branch and they will rip you off once they will figure out your method of promoting stuff.

    At the moment they are trying to buy another 3 companies with over 20M$ quote for each company.

    I feel sorry for alex’s project with Mobaff.
    Withing 6 months his big affiliates will leave him as well.

    Mobff rest in peace..

    1. I agree with you, Matomy ripped off my campaigns, using my dollars to test which publisher sites work, when they found a winner, they said the publisher no longer with them, and I have to pause my campaign, so they can run and bank. Total liars.

    2. Hello Mike,
      First of all, thanks for reading our good news! We are very excited to be working with MobAff and Alex, an experienced and respected player in the mobile affiliate marketing industry.

      I want to respond to your accusations by saying that as a media company working with both Affiliates and own own internal media teams, Matomy operates with integrity. Our Affiliates are is a strategic revenue stream in Matomy’s portfolio and as such we are taking all the needed actions and procedures to protect and grow this activity. It’s this commitment to professionalism that creates stability and longevity in the marketplace.

      Our employees will agree with you.

      If you would like to continue this discussion I invite you to contact me.

      Daneka Soudak
      Marketing Manager
      Matomy Media Group
      Skype: danekasoudak

  2. Wow Mike not sure where you are getting your facts. A company doesn’t get to the size of Matomy if it was true that all big affiliates jump ship.

    We are very excited to have the backing and resources of a major player in the space. It was always our goal to do big and innovative things in the space, and now we have the opportunity to do that.

    1. Do you think Matomy will sign a contract that their big fat internal team isn’t ripping other affiliates?

      Do you have a clue how many big publishers left them after matomy ripped them off?

      Just ask people that work there.

      No one likes to be ripped off.

      Can you guarantee to your pubs that they wont be ripped off?

  3. This is getting good guys.

    I just popped a fresh batch of popcorn.

    Please continue the WWF Smackdown Main Event!

  4. Allow me to stir the pot a little, and add more fuel to the bond fire!

    This whole fu__ing business is a con and rip off!

    No matter what side of the deal you are on!

    If you are a publisher, you get the phone call, and the AFM wants to see your creative and ad copy, subject lines, friendly froms etc… then they knock you off and steal the deal, and market with your methods!

    If you are an advertiser, and create a product with any type of success, you have 20 people who pop up over night and are knocking off your deal!

    The only way around ANY of this typical BS is to become an island and become the deal- front to back!!!

    You have the offer, you run the promotions, you keep ALL the metrics close to the vest!

    And even then you only have a bit longer life until those who watch what is being promoted still knock you off.

    Enjoy marketing in 2013, where every thief, liar and lunatic is in the game!!!

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