Marketers Looking to End Hate Between Content & SEO

Google has been talking about the importance of high quality content and a great user experience for a long time now, and most marketers are taking it to heart.  No matter what Google and the other search engines say, however, proper SEO techniques are also extremely important.  The battle between creating high quality content written specifically for users and writing content specifically for SEO has been going on for years, but many marketers today are looking to put an end to it.

A recent study from Conductor has found that marketers want their content creators to focus not only on creating high-quality, user friendly content, but also on SEO.  This means using specific keywords in the right areas and with sufficient frequency.  Of course, content creators have often pushed back on this suggesting that forcing the usage of certain words or phrases will automatically lower the quality of the content.

Content creators may have to get used to the idea that part of what site owners are paying htem for is their ability to come up with creative ways to please both the search engines and the users.  In all but a handful of keywords, for example, it is possible to work them in seamlessly so it is virtually impossible for the reader to identify the phrase being targeted.  When done properly an experienced writer can write on any keyword or key phrase without sacrificing on the quality of the content.

It is this combination that most marketers desire because of the fact that it meets all of Google’s requirements. This type of content also has the best chance of getting ranked well and avoiding any future punishment from Google updates. Combining quality and keywords, however, does take more time and effort on the part of content creators, which they aren’t likely to do without proper compensation.

The full survey can be viewed HERE.



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    • Michael Levanduski
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