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AdStation Solving Deliverability Issues

It looks like AdStation is beginning to dominate the email marketing space.  In the past couple months, they’ve announced record earnings for publishers and have been named number one in email ad performance by Adotas.  I talked to Travis Wetherbee, AdStation’s Director of Deliverability, and what I learned was that AdStation is continuing to make serious and meaningful innovations in the performance marketing space, especially when it comes to deliverability.  While other companies have been struggling, AdStation seems to have really figured out deliverability.

Basically, their unique offering, AdStation Integrated, allows you to maintain complete control of your list, while giving you access to AdStation’s unique creatives, targeting systems, and their unbelievable amounts of response based user data.  So essentially, you have the ability to deliver highly relevant offers to the exact consumers who are most likely to engage with them.  And since consistent user engagement leads to higher deliverability, AdStation is actually getting your offers into the inbox.

They are the leader in email marketing because of this, and have been showing record earnings from pubs who have been switching over. There is nothing in the industry even close to it, and it’s changing how we think of email marketing.

Plus they are offering a 50% revenue bonus to publishers if you sign up now.

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