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Vine Beating Instagram!

The latest social video sharing app, Vine, has been growing in popularity extremely quickly over the past several months. Since they released an android version of the app, however, the app has become one of the most popular way to share short home-made videos. Vine gives users a quick and easy way to create and share videos which are six seconds or less and loop continuously until the viewer moves off. Markers have been able to create videos and have them go viral quite quickly and with quite a bit of success, when they are able to make an interesting or funny clip.

Many marketers have missed out on how quickly this app is growing, but as of last Friday there were more people on Twitter sharing vine links than there were sharing links to the popular image editing and sharing app, Instagram. On Friday there were 2.37 million links to over a 24 hour period. In the same time period there were about 2.14 million links to Instagram. Given the popularity of Instagram, the fact that it has been around much longer and that it is owned by Facebook makes this all the more impressive.

To make it more interesting, Vine is still growing quite rapidly and will likely continue to do so for at least several months to come. The simple to use interface for both creating and viewing videos makes it very popular with teens and young adults. Marketers who are looking to have their products seen in front of this age group are missing out on huge opportunities if they are not creating and publishing videos to Vine. The fact that the videos are limited to six seconds means that they won’t take long to write, record and release so there is very little investment required for the marketer.

Vine, of course, was purchased by Twitter last January and has been getting more and more popular every day. It took a surprisingly long time for an Android version of the app to be created and released, but now that it is available for both Android and iOS it is clear that this six second video sharing app is going to be lasting a lot longer than the videos it supports.

Do you use Vine for marketing? If not, do you plan on starting?

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  1. “Many marketers have missed out on how quickly this app is growing”. That includes me. Just another example of why spending a little time each day reading can help out your efforts, thanks for the info.

  2. Video is fast becoming the preferred means of communication for many marketing campaigns, especially as it is now easy to share with tools like Vine. Thanks for the update.

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