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Google is Punishing Bad People

Over the past several months Google has made a lot of changes to their search algorithm, and yesterday they officially launched the latest change.  This doesn’t come with a cute animal name though.  The latest update targets only what Google’s Matt Cutts calls “spammy queries”.  These are searches which produce a much higher than normal amount of spam sites.  Specifically he mentions payday loans and some pornographic sites, but there are undoubtedly many others as well.

Unlike some other updates, this one will be rolled out to searchers around the world.  It is expected to have an impact on around 0.3% of all searches performed on Google.  Some areas of the world will have a much higher percentage of the total searches affected because of the increased levels of web spam in these areas.  Cutts singled out Turkey saying that about 4% of all searches in this country would be affected by the recent changes.

This update shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone in the marketing community since Google has been saying that they will be cracking down on these types of searches for some time.  Most believe that Google is getting outside pressure to help reign in these types of searches, and it also fits in well with their long term strategy of providing the best possible search results to users.

You can read the official announcement on Matt Cutts twitter feed.  You can also watch a quick video where Cutts discusses this, and other events going on at Google over here.

Do any of you run payday loan or porn sites?  What about other ‘questionable’ web properties?  Were you affected by this change, and if so what do you think?

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Michael Levanduski

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  1. So what are people in Turkey creating? Stuffing websites? That’s a pun btw.

    Anyway let’s face it. The good old days of keyword stuffing and over monetizing a site has long gone. But as IMers we stil need to make a profit.

    So has Google decided that only they are the ones that can make money from search?

  2. My friend provides SEO services to one of the biggest payday loan providers in the UK, will have to get in touch and see if this has affected him.

    I also never knew that Turkey had such a reputation for web spam!

  3. The problem here is that almost any query can be deemed spammy. You have to consider the larger aspect of the query. Pornographic sites are typically penalized by the machine, and some of the best programmers develop these types of sites. From my optic, you still have to build SEO for the machine because the machine cannot understand a website”s intent without pairing to a query. With that said, what the machine can understand, is user intent; and user intent to website intent is the game to beat.

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