Interview: Ryan Bukevicz of Bevo Media is Breaking the Mold of Affiliate Marketing

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan Bukevicz, the CEO of Bevo Media about their new performance marketing exchange. The Bevo Media Exchange is the first fully transparent affiliate marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) system that ensures that advertisers get quality traffic and affiliate publishers get the best eCPC for their traffic. What he has done, in theory, could change the face of performance marketing and take exchange-based advertising to a totally new level. He’s completely broke the mold of how we think of affiliate marketing and this type of exchange could lead to more money for everyone including networks. This is definitely an unique interview from one of the top thought-leaders in our industry.

We’ve broken the interview into two parts. The first part is some thoughts about the industry and a general introduction to the exchange. In the second part Bukevicz goes in-depth more about the exchange and how it works, and we provide a little more insight into why affiliates and marketers would want to use it.


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