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Study: More Brands Adopting Instagram as Engagement Rises

With its growing popularity in the past year or so, marketers have had high hopes for Instagram as a reliable destination for social advertising efforts. Although there really has not been many incredible marketing feats using Instagram, the potential that the social network held was very clear. Now, it seems that this ever-growing potential from Instagram is turning to progress, as brands are beginning to see the results they believed so strongly the social network could bring. There is a new study circling the web today, coming from Simply Measured, a social media analytics company. The study shows us evidence of Instagram’s growth in marketing success and of brands’ new-found love for the social media network.

Brands on Instagram

This is the third of these studies from Simply Measured that measure marketing on Instagram, this one entitled “Instagram Brand Adoption Study February, 2013.” According to this study, 59 percent of the top brands from Interbrand’s Top 100 are currently using Instagram for marketing purposes. In November’s study, this number was only at 54 percent, which means a 9 percent change occurred from quarter to quarter. For purposes of comparison, the company also reports that from November to February, Facebook adoption only changed 1 percent, Twitter adoption was down 1 percent, Google+ was up 4 percent, and Pinterest also had an impressive growth of 10 percent.

As for the amount of brands with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the number rose from 8 in November to 10 this month. Simply Measured expects this number to grow even further in coming months, keeping at a steady pace with the current growth that is being seen. Engagement is also on the rise for brands using Instagram, as the company reported at 35 percent increase in engagement for those top 100 brands in these past three months.

Engagement In-Depth

To be more specific regarding engagement, the number of photos posted by brands between November and February was about 2,608. The number Simply Measured gives for engagement per photo on Instagram was 4,816, which is a 31 percent growth from November. Also, 59% of these photos are shared to Twitter, with Tweets per photo hitting 22, which is 17 percent less than the last study reported. As for Facebook, the company’s recent acquisition of the photo-sharing network has caused a constant sharing of photos between it and Instagram. Therefore, 98 percent of brand photos were shared to Facebook, with engagement per photo hitting 274. This represented a 30 percent change from quarter to quarter.

As we addressed in November, integration between Facebook and Instagram has allowed users to have photos they ‘like’ appear in their Facebook feeds. The result has been a continued increase in per post engagement and a greater share of brand photos posted to Facebook.

With Instagram being primarily a photo-sharing network, marketers have to use slightly different methods than they would with other social networks. However, the way that Instagram photos are shared across the majority of other social networks helps marketers reach much more than the 100 million monthly active users that Instagram just recently announced it has reached.

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