Mobile Making the PC a Thing of the Past?

It is really rare that a day goes by when I do not read somewhere, something about the importance of mobile when it comes to marketing in today’s digital society. However, there are still those countless marketers that think mobile is not something that requires immediate attention, feeling like it still has a long way to go before it is worth their while. Well, although these marketers have good reason to believe that mobile is still in its infancy to some degree, it does not necessarily mean that they should be holding off. As we have all seen through the never-ending flow of reports measuring mobile’s success of the years, smartphones and tablets are a major contributor to online advertising prosperity these days. In fact, new numbers from comScore are showing just how important mobile really is right now.

The big news is that in terms of total time spent surfing the web, 37 percent is now spent by consumers on the mobile web. Even though the PC still accounts for the other 67 percent, mobile devices are still reaching for 40 percent, making them a pretty significant consideration for marketers.

2012 was another milestone year in the life of mobile as continued innovation in hardware; software and device functionality lays the groundwork for the future of the industry. Smartphones and tablets are ushering in a new era of multi-platform media, with consumers becoming increasingly agnostic about how, when and where they engage with content.

Although a lot of people have contemplated which year we can truly call the “year of mobile,” I think it is safe to say that 2012 really presented a good case for its nomination for the title. With the growth we saw in 2012, mobile has become a huge part of what marketers now need to pay attention to. Not only that, but comScore is predicting even further adoption of smartphones and tablets by consumers. According to comScore, some of the dominating reasons for surfing the web are now accomplished mostly on mobile devices, including things like checking the weather, looking at maps, listening to music, and arguably the most important is social networking.

In response to their findings, comScore has predicted not only an increase in mobile adoption by consumers, but marketers as well. They see mobile as becoming a branding medium, allowing brands to greatly increase their presence among consumers, getting their name out into the world.

After taking a look at comScore’s numbers from this recent 2013 Mobile Future in Focus report, it seems a bit crazy that so many marketers are still iffy about the idea of putting money and time into configuring some sort of mobile campaign effort. However, if the company’s predictions do hold true, the numbers will continue to skew in mobile’s favor, and the PC will turn into a way of the past. Sure, people will surf the web on a PC at work or while bored at home, but mobile devices are making their way toward being the devices of choice among digital consumers.


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