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FTC Gets Tons of Complaints Against Dating Sites

The FTC has been in the news lately in the performance marketing industry, but it turns out there is one industry that is really receiving a lot of complaints: the dating industry. According to a recent Freedom of Information Act request, it seems that in the last few years thousands and consumers have received thousands of complaints against dating sites.

While a lot of those complaints were about consumers being scammed by other users trying to get them to send money or complaints about billing practices, it seems that an unusual amount of complaints were about a common issue with dating: no one wanted to go out with some of the users.

Yes, the FTC has received complaints from consumers that can’t get dates, even on dating sites.  For whatever reason, people have decided to turn to a government agency to complain that basically that they were too ugly or too uninteresting to get dates from a variety of sites.

One user complained to the FTC about eHarmony, saying that “Out of thousands of lesbians across the United States nobody sent me a hello or wonk [sic].”   Rejection sucks, but turning to a Federal Agency to help you with your dating problems seem a little excessive, no?

This however does bring up a question about consumers in general and the role of the FTC. Many people in the online advertising industry complain that the FTC is turning into a mommy agency, that investigates almost everything including things that should be sort of obvious.

If people think the Government should protect them from bad dating experiences, no wonder they complain about everything else under the sun. In this day in age, it amazes me that with the ability to research anything on the internet, to look at customer reviews, that anyone buys anything without doing proper research. Consumers really do act like they are children, and don’t understand that not every product does exactly what it says it will do, and the guy from Nigeria isn’t really interested in sending you five-million dollars via email.

I’m not sure to blame our education system or the crap children grow up watching on TV, but its become really, really clear that a large percentage of the population is just plain idiots who would probably die of starvation if there wasn’t McDonalds to stick things in a box that they can easily shove in their face.  While for most of us, it seems obvious that you shouldn’t trust everyone at what they say, others really believe it’s the job of the Government to protect them even from heartbreak. Seriously?

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. “I’m not sure to blame our education system or the crap children grow up watching on TV…”

    While I do worry about ‘the next generation’ I think that most of the people sending complaints to the FTC are our generation or our parent’s generation. Can’t blame t.v. on this one :-/

    However, I did find your comments about those complaining about not being able to find a date on a dating site, very humorous and TRUE! Where does it end?? AAAHHH!!!! (shouts loudly and pulls hair)

  2. Most (ie. not in the USA) of world’s population read a report about the FTC getting such complaints would shrug their shoulders and think “Stoopid Americans”. And we shudder because we suddenly realise that they can’t get a date, they complain to the FTC and THEY VOTE!

    But this sort of thing is fairly harmless. If you want to learn up about real nutjobs listen to Coast to Coast.

  3. These people are impossible. They are already grown up and they are living the life they want. They shouldn’t bother the government of their love life. There are still a lot more important things to deal with.

  4. I heard that most men complain about Dating sites who offers dates with Slavonic girls. Men have to pay to talk or write to a girl and when you pay all girls are bombing you with letters that you have to pay to read too. And in practice, ерыу girls get money from the site to make poor Americal men write and fall in love with them. And 10 out of 9 will stay happy with his girl..

  5. Guys in the “average american consumers defense” and in the defense of the FTC, most dating sites pushed by the affiliate world are bogus and are 80-90% virtual vixens. They engage in unfair and unscrupulus business practices, as well as over charging the user for the experience.

  6. Dating sites were terrible back in the day before I switched to better methods. Maybe they have gotten better. I thought Facebook was the place that everyone went today to get a date. But then again, I have been out of the picture for some time.

    1. GOOD I hope the FTC gets bombarded by such stupid complaints. Maybe they will wake up and realize that stupid Americans are a bunch of whiners if they don’t get their way. If you are stupid enough to buy a rebill diet product or a biz op offer. The FTC should send them all a SLAP IN THE FACE PILL.

      Oh a@Lyndsie, you are one HOT BABE, can I get your email? 😉

      Thanks for reading.

  7. Paying for a dating site, much like buying lottery / scratch off tickets, is simply a Stupid-People-Tax.

    So it’s only natural to complain to the government about paying such taxes 🙂

    Now go call Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and complain that the government should shut down dating site XYZ and then have Rush call you a slut.

  8. Nice article. I agree with everything you said. It’s scary to realize just how stupid people really are. I believe the FTC was created just for these stupid people. Who in their right mind would get a Payday loan, believe a berry would make them lose weight, or blame the world because they are ugly or boring? Stupid people!

  9. @Jason, really? Blaming the affiliates and the websites?? I’m sure you can find ways to blame anyone, but I think the customer is the only logical person to blame.

  10. The FTC was formed in 1914 to investigate and ameliorate commercial abuse against consumers. Today, complaints against Affiliate-related activities completely overshadow those received from dating sites. Affiliate abuse became so widespread that the FTC enacted new rules to prevent egregious deceptive advertising practices including “fake news”, unsubstantiated claims, fake celebrity endorsements and fake testimonials. Unintended consequences for bad behavior can indeed be expensive even for those deemed “good guys”.
    Affiliate Marketing doesn’t screw people, people screw people; Honi soit qui mal y pense

  11. Ok,I like this 🙂

    “…If people think the Government should protect them from bad dating experiences, no wonder they complain about everything else under the sun. In this day in age, it amazes me that with the ability to research anything on the internet, to look at customer reviews, that anyone buys anything without doing proper research…”

  12. I had a lot of bad experiences by being scammed by ladies on the website and lost some money I do blame others concerned on issuing licences to companies that don’t do their homework properly and most of us get caught out in this ordeal. Just some advice to people out there we cannot change this we have to stop using these sites and there would be nothing to worry about If every one would be doing their jobs honest and in good faith this world would be a better place to live in so listen everybody out nobody cares just take care of your self again don’t use
    dating sites just try and find your soul mate by meeting person to person

  13. I think all of you are stupid. Without government, they wouldn’t able to protect consumers from dangerous fake products. Like fake illegal contact lenses that would cause permanent blindness, and is sold on the internet. I have for and against government actions, I am against SOPA bill because it suppresses freedom of speech.

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