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Try Click to Call With Bing

As the popular phrase says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Bing made big attempts for a while to create bigger and better things than Google, but the company just could not pick up the slack. Now it seems clear that Bing has accepted its fate of staying behind Google in the online search and search marketing industries. For a while now, we have seen Bing coming out with features and services similar to those we see with Google’s AdWords platform. For example, Microsoft recently announced product listing ads for Bing, much like those shown on Google. The company is trying to catch up, and now Bing will be releasing another new advertising feature in an attempt to level out the market.

Among the many offerings from Google AdWords, one thing marketers can find the option to use is a click-to-call feature that they can include within their advertising efforts. Now, according to WebProNews, Bing will be including a click-to-call ad format, which will be the direct result of two of Microsoft’s properties, Bing and Skype partnering up.

With Skype being so widely used for video and online calling, WebProNews reports the new ad format will be available on mobile and tablets, as well as on the PC.

From WebProNews,

Skype already has a click to call offering, but it doesn’t actually show an ad for the business. ‘Instead when the Skype plug-in is installed in the users’ browser on a PC, and the business listing is appearing organically on any web page, then it allows the user to click on the listing on the webpage to call that business for free using Skype,’ explains Microsoft.

The new click-to-call ads for Bing will be much more like the ones we are used to seeing on other search platforms. The option will appear in the ads of advertisers, allowing for both to appear to the consumer. Along with the feature of course will be an analytics feature to measure the performance of click-to-call ads on Bing.

These types of ads are usually best for mobile search ads, rather than those on PC. Google elaborates on this in their overview of their click-to-call ads.

When people are searching for goods or services on their mobile phones, they often prefer to call a business rather than visit its website. Now you can make it even easier for potential customers to get in touch with you by adding a clickable business phone number in ads that appear on mobile devices with full internet browsers.

It is inevitable that Bing would try to keep things even with its biggest competitor, knowing that the company is unlikely to take a huge lead. So, by imitating that marketing moves of Google, Bing has a better chance of seeing some of the success that their competitor sees.  However, Bing hopes that they are right in saying that they can do things better.

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Michael Levanduski

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  1. Hey Mike very nice post !
    I wonder if it is going to have the wrinkles in it like Google did at first allowing a lot of calls to go threw without charging for the clicks !

  2. Well, I do enjoy using both Bing and Google, as I get some different results from both. For a while, Bing was competing pretty heavy against Google with some ads on TV, with their survey’s on how they beat Google. Enjoyed your post.

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