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Screwed By EWA & Blam? CPAlead Steps Up!

If you didn’t hear, Ryan Eagle and his “empire” is gone, and affiliates are being left without a way to collect money and getting paid. An interesting open letter landed in my inbox late Tuesday Night from CPAlead’s CEO Peter Tarr, obviously addressing this topic and offering to help publishers “who have suffered some losses an opportunity to boost their earnings.” While they purposely do not address EWA or BLAM Ads, two companies owned by Ryan Eagle, the letter is addressed to publishers who haven’t worked with them in a while — and offers them a 10% bonus on all revenue for new publishers and former publishers. 

I find the letter very interesting on several levels, because it addresses the business of affiliate and performance marketing as what it should be: a business. While some companies still push themselves as the “newest” and “hottest” company around with personality driven people driving fast cars and flashing wads of money, CPAlead is takimages.ing a completely different approach. As their letter states, they have never had payment problems and continue to grow year after a year — being named to the Inc 500 list twice and one of the Top Three Fastest Growing Marketing and Advertising Firms in the Nation.

This is important to note, because as more and more companies go out of business, people need to pay attention to who is paying and who is not. They also need to start focusing on working on companies that have established stability and can survive more than a few non-payments because they have positive cash flow, proper management and a large cash reserve. According to people in the know, CPAlead has millions of dollars in reserve and is actually out there looking to buy companies. This is a huge difference than many of the companies in the space, that still haven’t figured how to run a company, let alone pay their affiliates on time.

What makes CPAlead unique is also their CEO, Peter Tarr. Unlike many of the companies out there, the founder of the company is not their CEO. They realized at some point they needed to grow and hired a professional from outside the space, who had a background in finance and investments. This is why the company was able to grow even during times where much of the industry suffered. Highly recommend if you haven’t seen it, to take a look at Murray’s interview with Peter Tarr that was done at the end of the summer, where it almost seems that he is predicting the fall of EWA and BLAM ads.

The letter is below, but I would invite you all to think about the companies you work with. While maybe you want to have loads of money, a fast car, shouldn’t you expect more of the people that run these other companies? Wouldn’t you rather have them spending the money on investing in their company and it’s stability and not hookers and blow?


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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Pace I agree with you on this one

    Money talks and the rest walks. CPALEAD is always on time. I was big on them then off them then on again and you cant argue with consistence

    I also like the inc 500 thing that means a lot actually. This entire industry is full of liars and scumbags people fronting all sorts of BS

    I looked it up you can google it to see how healthy they are and they just made the inc 500 netting tens of millions of dollars.

    theres something to a company that says fu5k the rumors this is who we are and you can look it up.

    cool beans

  2. My wife and I are publishers. EWA is one of our networks. We have not been paid by EWA, and basically we are not running any new business with them until/unless we do. I appreciate the tip on CPALead.

    I am puzzled by your report about EWA going into bankruptcy. I have found nothing at all in our emails from EWA telling us that. All we get are notices about pay bumps or pay drops, new offers, and paused offers. What is the source of that letter you published? How was it distributed? To whom was it distributed? When was it distributed?

  3. Who else wants to start a countdown until ryan eagle gets in here and starts screaming that cpalead is really run by drug dealers and responsible for global warming lmao

    this should be funny

    good article anyhow its like night and day to see and compare

  4. Pace, your content locking page does need updated. Not only does it list Blam but it lists Leadbolt, who I believe got out of the segment a ways back.

    It’s worth noting too that Adscend Media has not only never missed payments in our years, and not only have paid out millions of dollars, but also are the highest-ranked content locking network in such respected industry polls as mThink (two years running), and by Performance Insider. Expect to see us in the Inc 500 list this year as well.

  5. Spot on Pace. You’ve been on a roll with pieces focused on this space lately mate.

    Jeremy it sounds like youre employed by ascend media or something. kind of sad that every good thread gets lumped over by people bickering and competitors crying ‘look at me too we want attention’

    fact is mate, if your employer Adscend was all great, then instead of hanging off of cpaleads trousers YOU lot would be the ones issuing articles and reaching out to publishers. YOU lot would already be on an inc 500 list and not saying ‘we will’ YOU lot would have all the accolades. Makes your company look desperate and unoriginal mate. They ought to pay you more and im sure youre just one employee making a bad PR decision so its not right for your company to look so sad.

    lets all post and discuss with integrity ya? This thread or any other. Mr. Tarr and company said nothing wrong at all.

    Cheers Mr. Lattin love to start seeing some articles on the entertainment space mate!

  6. Whaaaa? CPALEAD was ranked top 3 Marketing & Advertising companies in the UNITED STATES!!!????? fastest growing?

    Damn impressed. Why the hell aint you guys dominating the mobile space?!!! Get on that Peter Tarr!! mobile = future!

  7. CPALEAD – Promising it is, the fact that the founder of this company is not its CEO makes me think that the founder is different from the likes of Ryan Eagle!
    Have you watched Peter Tarr’s interview with Murry? The guy is equal to the task.

  8. One ponzi scheme blows up, and the next one is right there to pick up where they left off!

    Oh please oh please, where do I sign up? It’s just so tempting. I can’t wait to get rich!

    Pace, I think it would do you some good to focus more on the legitimate side of the industry – quality advertisers that have real offers. CPA networks are garbage, and full of slimy wormy people that couldn’t find a real job.

    It’s a dying industry. No one should pay for “leads”. CPA means cost per acquisition. An acquisition is a customer. A customer is someone who BOUGHT SOMETHING WITH REAL MONEY.

    This lead gen email crap is garbage, and it’s what CPA networks build their ponzi schemes on.

    1. Lead generation has nothing to do with Ponzi Schemes. It’s one of the fastest growing parts of the industry, and provides businesses with leads about their business. I’m not sure what you are saying…

      1. It has everything to do with a Ponzi scheme, it’s exactly whey Neverblue and Ryan Eagle are out of business. Let me explain why…

        CPA companies bank on the fact that advertisers will pay them for “Leads”, IE email addresses. Let’s be clear here, they purpose to monetize email addresses. As competition for traffic grows, desperate advertisers and desperate CPA companies drive up how much they will pay for leads to acquire affiliates and their traffic.

        This results in a Ponzi scheme opportunity for someone like… hmm let’s see.. Ryan Eagle, let’s say. He pays more for certain leads than he even collects – sometimes up to $14 a lead for dating traffic. This never backs out, and no dating offer would ever allow that high of a payout. But alas, he gets all the traffic with the highest payout. It does result in gaining more affiliates, more traffic, and in result more revenue coming through the door, albeit, in the short term.

        Warren Buffet once said he could have the largest business in the world (in terms of revenue) if he sold $1 for $2. This is essentially what CPA networks do until they fall apart.

        As the scheme becomes more deep and involved, the Ponzi Scheme CPA operator begins paying out affiliates with money coming from traffic driven by other affiliates. The payments don’t correlate any longer to a specific advertiser or a specific affiliate. Sure the interface is tracking everything to each advertiser / affiliate, but the CPA network balance sheet doesn’t show this. The money is a black hole, and the CPA network just begins paying off the highest volume affiliates to keep them happy, regardless of where the money is coming from.

        Payments get pushed back a week, two weeks, three weeks etc. Then everyone wants to get paid at once, and the scheme collapses, in the case of Ryan Eagle, or any other failed CPA network. You can’t continue to payout old investors with new investor money.

        Ryan scrambled to try and find one new GIANT investor to bail out his ponzi scheme. In the end, any wealthy person in their right mind would take one look at his balance sheets and business, and in less than a second determine that all he’s doing is operating a Ponzi scheme and say “No Thanks”.

        And no, lead gen is a dying industry, there are plenty of advertisers that will no longer pay for leads, only sales. CPA means cost per acquisition – an acquisition is a credit card payment, not a worthless email address.

        1. Lead gen can be more than an email address.

          You think EDU and insurance offers are ponzi schemes too? It might be easier to fraud and scam in the lead gen game, but doesn’t make the entire industry a ponzi scheme. Needs to be cleaned up, yes, but calling an entire industry a ponzi scheme because scams happen is ignorant.

  9. Ya know I agree but for the first time it looks like a CPA company isnt slimy at all. Cant argue their accomplishments the letter here is professional I spent a few minutes looking at everything from cpalead on PMI and its more professional than anything else or as much!

    I love the cpa reward article but i noticed they challenged blam and adscend to step up and do the same to offer money to anyone who could prove they hadnt been pay. None of them did that which makes it funny an adscend guy came in here LOL it really did seem like typical douche behaviour. same adscend guys were on that thread too but didnt pay? Eagle didnt step up either

    im all in agreed that TALK IS CHEAP and the scammers always run away when its time to back it up so pat n the back to cpalead! i like that about cpalead and they are making others in the space look really sad.

    i just wish you did more in other spaces like someone else sai Mobile is where you need to focus now days. sorry cpalead i like you a lot more now but your space still doesnt get my business hope to see you elsewhere!!

  10. Kudos to CPALead and other companies that have stepped forward to try to showcase the unique differences that they offer in time of need for publishers.

  11. I have very bad experience with adscend media and this guy
    jerome, seems to be on the same level as owner of ewa,
    suugest to avoid them.

  12. The first network I used was CPALead and they never missed a payment. I considered using Adscend but decided to stay away due to all the controversy they were in.


    I tried Blam Ads and I received a slightly better EPC than CPALead, so I ran with them for a few months, but then I got screwed on my last payment.

    I’m so sick of this industry and the slimebags that are in it. What’s so hard about running a clean business? What’s so hard about being honest?

    Hats off to CPALead and Peter Tarr. Also lots of love for Pace for keeping this industry honest and being the first to warn publishers of EWA’s downfall. Your journalism is first class.

  13. While I have nothing bad to say about CPA Lead, wouldn’t their actions infer that they are looking to endorse the types of affiliate behaviors that put EWA where they are (or aren’t) today? I’m sure there were plenty of upstanding affs within that network that were wrongfully shortchanged, however EWA was notorious for looking the other way while some of their larger affiliates stepped over big lines that ultimately led to their downfall. My concern here would be that CPA Lead may be undermining the integrity of their network at the long-term expense of their existing and loyal partners.

    …Just a different POV – I do agree with most of the points made in the article at face value.

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