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Matt Frary Tells it Like it Is

Murray Newlands had a bit of time in between beers at the Denver Affiliate Meetup, run by SmarterChaos, to speak to Matt Frary, the owner. He talks about how SmarterChaos focuses on Custom Acquisition through new methods.  He talks about their newest client, Ellie, a site focused on fashion needs of the active woman — how they have created customer engagement quizes to get them involved with the site and how to sell them more things. It’s a very interesting interview that talks about everything about lead capturing, email marketing and working with brands that really want to develop a successful performance marketing strategy.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. Wow! What an interview. I like the way email marketing is elaborated here. Matt Frary is definitely a king in this area.

  2. Hey Murray,

    You have shared very interesting topic here. With the advancement of technology and communication mediums in marketing, with the large amounts of data we are now able to collect, and the evolving science of evaluating marketing performance, marketing has transformed into the most valuable tool for many fast growing businesses.


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