Google’s Plans to Kill Groupon

Among the many options digital marketers find themselves faced with today, one of the more useful tools that quite a few marketers have taken advantage of are offers, deals and coupons. As far as most people are concerned, the best place to turn with plans of starting an offer or coupon campaign is to Groupon. The company is widely known as the best option in the online deal field, but it seems that they are soon to have a huge amount of competition to deal with. Not only is Google the dominating name in things like search advertising, display advertising, and even mobile advertising, but the company has decided to begin their takeover of the online deal business as well. Sorry Groupon, but you probably should have seen it coming.

After all, after looking back at beginnings, Google was working on offers and deals as marketing tools all the way back to 2010. Groupon, which is a company that began sometime in 2008, did not really bring online coupons to the level of popularity they are at today until 2011. With Google keeping back a bit for the past few years, the company has had time to test, develop and improve their coupon and offer tools to match the consumer wants and needs. However, Google has tools at their disposal that Groupon does not, allowing the company to take their deal offerings for advertisers to a whole new level.

Now that Google has been testing their offers and daily deals for a few years, they are making the tools public and available to the millions of advertisers that use Google’s resources for their marketing campaigns. Evidence that Google was planning to build upon their deals and offers has been seen for a few months now, as they slowly extended their service. Now, the company is tying their deals and coupons into their AdWords tool, making it available for all AdWords advertisers to use.

The actual presentation of these deals and offers to online consumers is actually very simple, but promises to be incredible effective. Advertisers will now have the option, while setting up the usual search ads one would set up in AdWords, to include a deal or offer within the advertisement. Beneath the text and link of the advertisement will appear the description of the offer. Next to this description will appear a yellow-orange button that says View Offer. With this tool, advertisers will be able to take advantage of two ad formats at the same time, all within AdWords and all from Google.

With that stated, it is incredibly simple to see just how heavy of a competition Groupon has on its hands here. Simply stated, there is a good change that Groupon will lose its top spot in the online offers business, as Google has already dominated many of the other marketing methods that the company has delved into. Now that this feature has been released, we can probably expect a growth in the usage of deals and coupons by advertisers, as well as a growth in use of AdWords itself.


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