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Networks Need to Be 100% Transparent

Scott Yamano, the CEO of Dedictated Media and CPADNA talks briefly with Murray Newlands at Affiliate Summit West 2013 about their CPA network, and how they have entered the performance marketing game differently than other networks. Dedicated Media is already one of the top display networks in the world, but their newest addition CPADNA is doing things a bit differently than other networks: they have unparalled visibility, so that their major clients know exactly where they are running, how they are running and what to expect.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. Best networks –

    Adblade – 173.3 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/p-b8GPCpJxfqYm2
    Vibrant media – 106.1 million monthly uniques – Comscore July 2012
    Outbrain – 92.1 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/outbrain.com
    Meebo – 83.8 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/p-93vmRJG_BQlqo
    Kontera – 61.5 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/kontera.com
    Click Booth – 43 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/clickbooth.com
    AOL – 40.8 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/aol.com
    Linkedin – 39.4 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/linkedin.com
    Pulse 360 – 39.6 million monthly uniques – http://www.quantcast.com/pulse360.com
    Adbrite – 15.6 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/adbrite.com
    Nrelate – 3.1 million monthly unique – http://www.quantcast.com/nrelate.com

  2. You cant judge a network by the number of unique visitors. The quality of the visitors is more important than ever before in performance marketing. For example I can have deceiving creative and generate millions of clicks, but that doesnt mean Im generating any more qualified visitors for my advertisers and partners. Just my .02

  3. I always get the feeling the tail is wagging the dog when the topic turns to visibility regarding where traffic originates. I am an advertiser with a substantial CPA budget. A “major client” is afforded the benefit of unparalleled visibility & quality gauged not just from the click but from where the traffic originates? It shouldn’t make any difference if it’s an advertiser with a $5k or a $500k budget. If I am paying for the action, I deserve to know the source of the traffic. Full stop. Transparency is the single biggest hurdle for Affiliate Marketing to truly be considered a totally legitimate and mainstream channel. The model got turned on its head. Advertisers have more skin in the game than anyone in the equation. Paying advertisers entrust you to deliver and be accountable for the quality of your traffic. Affiliate Networks have a responsibility to monitor and know the source(s) of their traffic. I am always cautious when a network won’t tell me. It means one of two things: i) the traffic source is not stellar or ii) they are afraid of being circumvented and if you are adding real value then you won’t be disintermediated.

  4. Yes, networks must be 101% transparent because customers only wants the truth when it comes to doing business with. They always want to ensure honesty and reliability when it comes to online transactions.

  5. The last thing in the world I want to reveal to any Advertiser is where my traffic is coming from. If Advertiser knows how Affiliate is getting traffic than Advertiser is at liberty to steal all the Affiliate’s hard work and take over that source of traffic. It is extremely work intensive and financially expensive to find out which traffic works best and to tweak all the variables until traffic becomes profitable. And after all that commitment, Advertiser comes in and says to Affiliate “Now that I know how its done, I do not need you any more.”.

    1. 1.) If you are an Affiliate Network and fear an Advertiser “is at liberty to steal all the Affiliate’s hard work and take over that source of traffic” you might want to consider that your value add is super low or non-existent making the switching costs for the publisher/affiliate low. In that equation, yes, you will be dis-intermediated because the fee you take off the top of the CPA is not justifiable in the eyes of the publisher.It’s not the advertiser you need to worry about. It’s the publisher. Over deliver to them and you’ll never have to worry.

      2.)Your comment about it being “extremely work intensive and financially expensive to find out which traffic works best and to tweak all the variables until traffic becomes profitable” is without merit. When does an Affiliate Network do this? When you say you need a higher CPA? When you run incent traffic on a non incent link? Seriously, what variable are you talking about? Do you split test or multi-variate test? We do. Every day. You have zero control over the offer and very little influence on the traffic unless it’s internal. You sit in the middle between the Advertiser (who pays) and the Publisher (who gets paid). In my experience rarely does the Affiliate Network even know where their pub traffic is truly coming from. I’m usually the one that tells YOU from where the traffic is coming. And that is typically when one of my marketing restrictions is being violated.

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