Reach 152 Million Users via Media Buying for Video

Murray Newlands speaks to Brightroll General Manager Dan Mosher about video media buying. Brightroll is the largest video advertising company in the world. He talks about how to buy media for video, what real-time bidding does for media buying and how to plan your media buy. The video media buying industry is changing very fast and all marketers need to be involved with this part of the industry, and the entire video industry is opened to all new types of media buyers.

Check out BrightRoll at http://www.brightroll.com/?pmi

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. I think the folks at Youtube might dispute Bright Roll claiming to be the largest video advertising company.

  2. Video marketing is one powerful tool that you can’t miss adding to your Internet marketing arsenal. It is because search views in YouTube and other video websites increase in thousands each day that you should take advantage of this opportunity.

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