Facebook = Great Success During the Holidays

With some extensive research into Facebook, Kenshoo Social, a social marketing platform company, has found that Facebook is doing quite well as of Thanksgiving. Inside Facebook is reporting the results from recent research done by the company, and it shows that Facebook interaction is up and return on ad spend has increased. For Facebook marketers, which include almost everyone these days, this is all good news. Facebook’s popularity among marketers today has created a much higher interest in results regarding its performance, and the results are good. Facebook marketing is causing internet users to perform more actions after seeing Facebook ads.

It appears that the interaction rate for Facebook marketing is up 46 percent, meaning that users are Liking more, installing more apps, and completing many more purchases after coming in contact with Facebook marketing campaigns. Direct revenue, which is revenue from sales transactions that occur following a Facebook advertisement click, increased 129 percent on Cyber Monday. Because of this, return on ad spend was about $10.95 on average, according to Inside Facebook and Kenshoo Social.

Of course, numbers like these are always up during this time of year, with everyone looking to buy and buy more, and marketers increasing the amount of promotions they are spitting out. However, according to Kenshoo Social, when compared to past years, retailers are spending more on Facebook advertising and are running more effective marketing campaigns. Return on ad spend is up much more because of this.

“Retail advertisers are generally becoming more experienced and sophisticated with their direct response social media campaigns. We are seeing advertisers taking the learnings they’ve obtained throughout the year in terms of what ad types, messages, and promotions resonate most with their target audiences and then leveraging these practices as they increase their overall social media budgets over the holidays and optimize their campaigns.”

Todd Herrold
Kenshoo Social Senior Director of Product Marketing

From Inside Facebook

So, with the holiday season at its highest point right now, Facebook marketing is set to see its most successful quarter in a long time. With all of the new marketing efforts that Facebook now offers, marketers are provided with various ways to reach consumers that are looking to make purchases online, and with the networks prominence in mobile today, there is an even heavier reach that can be had by marketers. So far this year, Facebook has already earned $2.95 billion from advertising, and with the biggest season for purchasing upon us, that number will be increasing significantly.

The social network that everyone is talking about has a lot of competition, but marketers seem to be sticking to the fan favorite. We will just have to wait and see the incredible numbers that Facebook produces during this holiday season. After the New Year, it will be interesting to find out just how well Facebook has done.


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