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Survey: Online Marketing Makes 91 Percent of Consumers Buy In-Store

Consumer behavior is in a constant state of change, and keeping track of it usually takes a significant amount of work. Also, although marketers are often aiming for online sales these days, they are still shooting to get consumers into stores to buy the newest items. The results of a recent survey from Wanderful Media, a company that specializes in local discovery shopping, show the way that digital advertising is influencing consumers in their buying activity. It shows that consumer shopping behavior is changing because of online advertising efforts, and it seems that the influence that digital marketing has on in-store purchasing is significant.

The results come from a [...]

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eBay Hates Mobile Advertising

When companies begin to get really big and earn more money than they ever could have imagined, things can turn out one of two ways for advertisers. As an online company grows, so does its traffic and so does the reach that marketers can gain from advertising on the company’s page. With growth usually comes a lot of marketing on a site, as to increase revenue. However, there comes a point when a company grows much larger and much more profitable. It appears that eBay has reached this point, and is now deciding to reduce the amount of marketing it will include within the company’s mobile platform.

In an article by Tricia Duryee on AllThingsD, eBay’s president of Global [...]

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Facebook Collections Return for a New Test Period

It is understandable for those who do not remember it, but back in October of this year, Facebook announced that they were testing out some new features and buttons, one of which was their Collections feature. The reason that forgetting this is understandable is simply because the idea seemed to fizzle out and disappear, without another word spoken of it. I had not really even noticed that the idea never took shape on Facebook, showing how quickly the new feature that was being tested came and went. Apparently though, according to Inside Facebook, another test for Collections is being put in place, and Facebook is still showing interest in getting the ball rolling on the [...]

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Video Ads in Facebook News Feeds?

Well, it was only a matter of time before Facebook started planning to tap into one of the only forms of advertising that they have left unturned so far. It has seen success in display advertising, great success in social post advertising, created great results in mobile advertising, and has even created a measure which digital marketers use to analyze their success in marketing, known universally as the Like. Now, seeing that video advertising has grown substantially in popularity among both consumers and marketers, Facebook has decided to give it a go. According to an article from AdAge, Facebook is preparing to start featuring video ads in Facebook users’ news feeds, but [...]

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