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POF Creates Conversion Exclusions

POF is now offering the ability to EXCLUDE people who have already converted on YOUR CAMPAIGN! In other words, you will not continue to spend $ on people who have already signed up to whatever you’re advertising. In a sense, POF is optimizing for you!

We chose to do it this way because we recognize that advertisers or affiliates could be running multiple campaigns with multiple offers/promotions so we didn’t want to limit you in any way. Meaning, someone who has converted on campaign A will no longer see ads from campaign A but will still continue to see ads from campaign B.

The reverse is equally as useful as well! For example, you run a coupon promotion for Restaurant A in June and you’ve built yourself a list of people who have successfully reached the coupon page. Now, in November, you want to run another promotion for a different restaurant (Restaurant B). Well, you can target “show to converters = yes” and you will only advertise to those people you know were interested in Restaurant A and thus, have a higher chance of signing up to a promotion from restaurant B.

Like the “Clickers” (ability to target people by how many ads they’ve clicked) option, we have decided to add this feature to the small ad campaigns exclusively (110×80 text ads and 310×110 small banners). That is where all the inventory is so this is where it’ll be most useful! The minimum deposit for this feature will be $500.

So I repeat, this option is only useful when:
a) You implement our conversion pixel on your offer
b) You run enough traffic, the more you run, the more beneficial this option is
c) Have multiple offers to test out

Our self-serve ad platform is located at and the minimum to get started is only a $25 deposit. I look forward to answering any questions that you may have about advertising on POF!

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Ben Louie

Ben Louie is the Head of Advertising at He is primary contact for all advertising-related inquiries. He basically does everything from maintaining and supporting new and existing advertisers, managing a customer service team to ensure quality control of the advertisements that appear on and developing new additions to our advertising platform to increase usability, efficiency and profitability.

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  1. Great, Information ! I was not knowing about this feature and will save some money!POF is really cool and need just 25$ to start ,when the other companies need at least 100$ deposit.

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