GameTheory Messaging Business Shut

GameTheory LLC, once one of the biggest text messaging marketing companies on the planet, has had their text messaging shut down by the New York Attorney General. This was a result of a settlement with the NYS AG, Eric T. Schneiderman, after an investigation that claimed that GameTheory was spamming users in order to trick them into signing up for texting services.

 These charges appeared on the victim’s wireless telephone bill in a way that was difficult to detect. For months, consumers would pay for text messages they did not want before they realized they were being charged. For example, between May 23, 2011 and July 5, 2011, Game Theory sent text messages claiming that the recipients had a “secret crush,” and that the recipient needed to respond “yes” to find out who it was. However, in the process of finding out the identity of the “secret crush,” the recipient was also unknowingly signing-up for a text message service…”

“There is no legitimate purpose for scams that deceive New Yorkers, and we will continue the fight to protect people’s privacy and their hard earned money” Schneiderman said in a press release. “As a result of this settlement, Game Theory is out of the texting business for good, and this corporation will be held accountable for its conduct.” Game Theory’s deceptive practices violated the General Business Law (Article 22-A) and Executive Law § 63(12).

According to the settlement, GameTheory will be leaving the text messaging business and pay $500k in fines to the State of New York.

GameTheory has since re-branded itself  Mobile Plus Inc since the lawsuit was originally announced.



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