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Is Dan Balsam Hero or Villain?

Many people believe Daniel Balsam is a hero. With the never ending amount of spam out there, with spammers getting more and more creative, he represents a new breed of techno-geek armed with legal briefs. He’s an unassuming guy, graying hair and you’d never know from looking at him that he was a “hero” to many. Still, he’s found himself labeled a crusader as he’s been involved with taking on bulk-email marketers from Scott Richter to the mega-adult empire AdultFriender (aka Penthouse aka Various Inc.) Most people outside the industry see this as a good thing, but then again with much of the industry somewhat dependent on spamming, many see him as a villain who is just gaming the system for his own benefit, no better than the spammers.

Balsam definitely sees himself in some sort of caped-role and several in interviews positions himself as fighting the good fight against spammers, going as far to say he isn’t “going anywhere.” (Imagine with Arnold voice) Bennet Kelley, on the other hand, a high power attorney and award winning journalist has positioned himself against Balsam, claiming that his lawsuits are only a money-making technique and an abuse of the California small claims laws. He told me that “the Small Claims Act contains legislative findings that the small claims divisions were established “[i]n order to resolve minor civil disputes expeditiously, inexpensively, and fairly.” In a brief, he compares Balsam to other similar plaintiffs in where there was “abuse of process where defendants had a “pattern and practice” of knowingly filing actions in distant counties in order to gain an unconscionable advantage in the small claims case.” Bennet similarly claims that “Balsam has instituted multiple small claims actions against out-of-state defendants… who then must face the Hobson’s choice of investing substantial resources (which may exceed the amount demanded) in order to defend an out-of-state claim small claims action without the benefit of counsel (against Balsam who is a recently admitted attorney) or agreeing to Balsam’s settlement demands to avoid such an ambush.”

Balsam isn’t taking this sitting down and has taken on Kelley. He told us that “Bennet Kelley likes making big broad statements with nothing to back it up. Kelley has YET to provide a single example of how I’m taking advantage of the small claims courts. Or how I’m taking advantage of the anti-spam laws.” Some people have claimed that Balsam has over 100 email addresses specially to fool people into sending him SPAM. Kelley told us “Nobody knows (the reason that he has all these email addresses) but some do speculate over this since he has over 100 email addresses”

Balsam responded to this accusations specifically, denying them entirely and saying Kelley is making them up. “Frankly, my win record suggests that I’m doing everything properly”, says Balsam, “The reason I have lots of email addresses is specifically to REDUCE spam. I have a custom email address for just about everything I do online… e.g., southwestairlines@, dominospizza@, etc…Kelley claims I opt-in to try to receive spam. He’s lying.” I’m sure that who is lying will be someday addressed in court.

Balsam sees that perhaps one of the problems is the selling of email addresses. Nicely enough in answering our questions, he was very upfront and even provided advise to the industry as a whole “That’s (the list sales) one of the many problems. If you’re buying/selling lists, by definition the recipient isn’t giving “direct consent,” which is required under California law. This was an issue in the Trancos case; you can read the judge’s order on my website. How to address it: Reputable advertisers should be very careful buying lists, and make sure there are indemnification/breach of contract provisions so that if someone sues the advertiser, the advertisers can turn around and stick it to the list broker.”

When asked what one of the worse problems in the industry was, he told us “Right now, I’d say the worst are the fake (adult) dating websites. Not only do the spams have misleading subject lines, sent from fake names & email addresses, etc., but the entire business models are fraudulent because the databases are full of profiles of FAKE women (and paid employees of the spammer) who string along lonely men at $30 to month. Deniro Marketing LLC dba is one of the worst in this area. I’ve beaten them in 7 small claims trials (4 lawsuits + 3 appeals) — never enough at a time to go into superior court.”

So what exactly is Mr. Balsam? On a personal level, I can understand where Mr. Balsam is coming from, the spammers in the industry are often doing a great deal of harm to our industry by the constant selling of data, the renaming of lists and using different PO Boxes. I can go on about the continued practices in the industry from “major” companies that not only violate CAN-SPAM but are borderline fraudulent. Despite the claims of many of the bulk-email marketers that people are signing up to receive spam, a vast majority of consumers do not want their email addresses sold 100 times and receive millions of emails. The proof is not just in their complaints, but in the very fact that bulk email produces very low response rates and is only profitable because it has little cost involved with it.

Is Balsam an opportunist? Of course, but so is a great deal of the industry, most especially the spammer operations who try to use ever loophole to hide their identity, to buy data unethically and to basically annoy the crap out of people through questionable marketing techniques. Are his lawsuits an abuse of the system? It’s my personal opinion that it is and Balsam depends on the very fact that it is often cheaper to settle than to litigate, which is definitely one of the growing problems with the legal system in this country.  Even though part of me wants to go “rah-rah” when he files a lawsuit against some of the biggest scumbags in the industry, I can’t help but also believe that lawsuits like Balsam’s pose an equally just a big of a problem. It’s not that he is just suing scumbags, but has also sued seemingly innocent entities such as the Stockton Asparagus Festival which despite promoting bad-smelling urine—can’t really be considered one of the more “evil” projects in the world. Perhaps we need to create a new term and call him nothing more than a “lawsuit spammer.”

Still, quoting Gawker on the subject: “You want to know how great America is? This is how great America is: Not only can you make a living off of peoples’ penis-size insecurities, you can also make a living—a good living!—by suing those same people. “

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Bennett Kelly is absolutely right. This is not what small claims courts were intended to be used for. Balsam accuses damages and demands payment in an amount greater than the small claims jurisdictional threshold. He’ll then file the complaint for a lesser amount than requested with the intent of creating an unfair advantage for himself and his client against out of state defendants who must appear in person (and are specifically precluded from retaining local counsel). This is, by definition, an “Abuse of process.” In most states, Abuse of Process is a cause of action. A potential plaintiff doesn’t even have to always win the underlying case. If you think you’ve been the victim of a possible abuse of process and have suffered damages from a Balsam suit, the facts of your case may create personal/subject matter jurisdiction over Balsam and/or his client in Your home state, sufficient to file a lawsuit against him or his client personally. The one caveat are that these are difficult cases to win in most states. The upshot is- it sure would be funny to see this guy scrambling around from state to get a taste of his own medicine.

    *None of the above should be relied upon or construed as legal advice.

    1. Bennett Kelly is the lapdog of these illegal spammers. It sounds as if you have done a lot of research on this subject, were you a defendent perhaps?

    2. “on the other hand, a high power attorney and award winning journalist has positioned himself against Balsam, claiming that his lawsuits are only a money-making technique and an abuse of the California small claims laws”

      High powered attorney and award winning? Sounds like the writer of this article is a victim of Kelley’s own marketing machine (himself) Kelley just loves to toot his own horn and write for freebie rags like Huffington Blog, Santa Monica Free Press and lets not forget his FREE radio blog.
      “Bennie” has even hired himself an agent in the hopes he can become another “celeb Attorney” – unfortunately he just doesn’t have the handsome looks. The only one that wants to hear or see “Bennie” is Bennie himself or perhaps his little white therapy dog, that loves him despite all of his flaws.

      One of Bennie’s low down tricks is to go after organizations or people he feels are responsible for online “crimes” (he loves to label people) then when they are unable to be located or don’t respond to his horrid written complaints. Bennie moves to file a default judgment against unsuspecting victims/defendants that are forced to defend themselves against Bennie’s cheap little tactics.

      I direct this author or law students to do a search on Bennie’s poorly written Complaints and note his magical words like “on information and belief” and other legal jargon that simply is saying “I am guessing and don’t have a clue” and about money……Bennie loves to latch on to big paying clients until he exhausts all of their money and options then he goes for his name calling and other stupid tricks.
      I direct you all to pull up Global Wide Media, Inc., vs. Richard Braun, UOPEN, Inc et al.

      More of this tricks is failed ex parte applications that are getting to be a laughing stock of every reasonable judge. Maybe Value Click got tired of being a sucker client and moved on to more effective means.

      Bennet Kelley – a legend in his own mind.

      1. So what if its his wife. I was a defendant in a case that Bennet Kelley filed a complaint on. Check out the lame court documents Global Media vs. Richard Braun UOPEN (me). Bennet Kelley used old addresses and phone numbers to locate me, then files a proof of service signed by WANDA J. RUDD , why is that significant? Because Wanda J. Rudd is Bennet G. Kelley’s wife. Bennet Kelley accuses other people of the very thing he does, I have talked to another defendant in one of his cases, she was harassed and stalked by Bennet to the point , she had to file police reports on him. He also harassed her parents with bombarding their gome with legal documents and shamelessly adding them as interrogatory witnesses, in a harassing sort of way.
        Bennet didn’t bank on this person being connected to several judges, high profile attorneys. She didn’t take his guff, without a good fight and bringing attention to his unethical behavior.

        I found out Bennet G. Kelley screwed up Value Click so bad they were fined $2.8 million by the FTC for identity theft. They sent Bennet packing and now they have a very competent legal counsel. Seems Bennet assured consumers their identity would be encrypted when they signed up for online gifts via value click, but they were not.

        Poor Bennet more fouls ups, maybe we should start a web page titled “Bennet’s bloopers and big lies”.

    3. Come on “Bennie” I can smell your commentary a mile away it is all so cheap and disgusting.

      How is it going with Value Click?

      Oh that is right, they no longer use your “services”

  2. Kelley and others may criticize what I do in small claims court, although no court has ever found that I’ve “abused the process” in any way. In fact, “Law Stud,” there’s California case law that small claims cases are based exclusively on the dollar amount plaintiff is seeking, not the complexity of the case. Let’s not also forget that those out-of-state spammers come to California to do business, so it’s only fair that they be called to task in California for their unlawful spamming.

    Regardless, the fact is I spend far less time in small claims court lately, and far more time focusing on superior and federal court actions for my clients.

    1. From what I understand it is Bennie that abuses small claims court by trying to debate, defend his clients. On more than one occasion has been told by Small Claims Court judges to back off and follow rules of procedure which apparently Bennie has a problem with. Even crossing the line and trying to approach the bench without permission.

      Bennie has annoyed many judges with his frivilous motions and using himself as a “witness” for his paying clients. No bias there at all – right?

      Bennie will go down as legendary alright, but probably not in the way he would like. If Obama loses this year, he will cry his eyes out. He only sees it his way and the ways of the liberal Democrats but then becomes an abuser of human rights trying to squash free speech when it suits his own needs.

      Bennie and the jets, go home- Rhode Island is calling you.

  3. Bennet Kelley is an able advocate and a man of high moral character. I am proud to have worked with him and am even more proud to call him a dear friend.

    To attack a man’s character behind some nonsense psuedonym is a gutless and classless way to behave. My experience has been that when a person of integrity has something to say or a criticism to make that he signs his name to it.

  4. Also, I heard through the grapevine that Balsam just lost a big case. That might be something you want to look into Pace. I’m sure folks would love to get the latest update.

    1. Dear Brian;
      No, in fact Dan Balsam just had the Supreme Court rule in his favor that Trancos case could not be appealed and it stands on it’s ruling that SPAM is illegal and annoying (kind of like your pal Bennie)

      Sure Sure “Brian” you are a freind of Bennies’ wait till you don’t agree with him or Bennie has a hissie fit over losing yet another case…he will start with his cutsy little name calling.
      For Dan he has labeled him “Spamulance Chaser” and for others he files fake police reports and tries to have them prosecuted but fails.
      Bennies motions and paper work is sloppy and littered with conjucture upon conjucture.

      Here is the victory announcement- eat your poor little heart out Bennie. You have no moral character when you decide to represent a child trafficker and con her out of $150K in legal fees only to deliver NOTHING but labels and name calling of the defendant.

      Bennie is a sleazeball
      Since you have written in the past on issues regarding spamming, I wanted to make you aware of some great news. The United States Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to a California appellate court ruling in Balsam v. Trancos Inc., which ruled that email marketing company Trancos Inc. violated the state’s anti-spamming law. This ends the company’s attempt to argue the statute was preempted by federal law and further empowers people to protect their inboxes from those who deliberately falsify email headers with intent to mislead or hide from complaints against them. The Balsam v. Trancos case is the most recent of several published opinions I have achieved on behalf of email recipients seeking to have spammers comply with current law. *The United States Supreme Court designation for denial of the petition of certiorari is Trancos Inc. v. Daniel L. Balsam, case number 12-237 (October 29, 2012). The original appellate court decision is Balsam v. Trancos Inc. (2012) 203 Cal. App. 4th 1083.,5

    1. I just came across this article and ensuing comments. It is interesting to note after the fact that Cathy Riley, who commented above, is Dan Balsam’s wife and “client”.

      I’d think that it would have been proper to have disclosed that in this thread.

      1. Hey Bennet at least he has a “wife”

        he he as in female anyway. Although if you have any aspirations for poltics you might want to get married for a nice image or at least have one of your female bull dyke friends around.

        On second thought you could never win an election, you are an arm chair politician that hopes to get appointed to the Santa Monica City Planning commission. That my friend will never happen. What are you scared to actually run against someone or are you too cheap to pay for the campaign fees?–so you try for some silly appointed position to springboard yourself. Good luck.

        You have so many enemies my little friend, you will never make it to the big time.

        You blazing idiot, spam is tried in small claims court because of the win being so small is it not capped at $7,500?. You are so unhappy with losing you cannot even lose gracefully.

        You go tit for tat over small fries and that and the fact you are disorganized with paperwork will keep you from every being famous. Your online slander and name calling is amusing but not half as good as my acid mouth and wit.

        If you ever have the guts to spar with me one on one, I would love to take you up on it. You would be intellectually unarmed and left shaking like in your deposition. So frustrated because you didn’t get your way that some “Defendant” outsmarted you and out manuvered you and your video taping of your star stuttering moment of shame. (or is it a lisp?)

        I just wish I had the video of peace officers high fiving me after they found out that you cried wolf that some women was going to beat you up. Such a little girl you are Bennie.

        You might as well pack up and leave California, all the good guys are taken. Besides they like em younger and more blond.

        Just saying….

      2. So what if its his wife. I was a defendant in a case that Bennet Kelley filed a complaint on. Check out the lame court documents Global Media vs. Richard Braun UOPEN (me). Bennet Kelley used old addresses and phone numbers to locate me, then files a proof of service signed by WANDA J. RUDD , why is that significant? Because Wanda J. Rudd is Bennet G. Kelley’s wife. Bennet Kelley accuses other people of the very thing he does, I have talked to another defendant in one of his cases, she was harassed and stalked by Bennet to the point , she had to file police reports on him. He also harassed her parents with bombarding their gome with legal documents and shamelessly adding them as interrogatory witnesses, in a harassing sort of way.
        Bennet didn’t bank on this person being connected to several judges, high profile attorneys. She didn’t take his guff, without a good fight and bringing attention to his unethical behavior.

        I found out Bennet G. Kelley screwed up Value Click so bad they were fined $2.8 million by the FTC for identity theft. They sent Bennet packing and now they have a very competent legal counsel. Seems Bennet assured consumers their identity would be encrypted when they signed up for online gifts via value click, but they were not.

        Poor Bennet more fouls ups, maybe we should start a web page titled “Bennet’s bloopers and big lies”.

    2. Sour grapes Mr. Kelley, you always try to go tit for tat, especially when you lose or cannot make a case out of garbage. I also want to mention that Bennet Kelley is no longer invited to write for the Santa Monica Free Press.

  5. At least he has a “wife” as in “female”

    Bennie on the other hand will have to rent a dyke friend if he chooses to go into politics. Lately, Bennie (armchair political commentary and Demo Die Hard) has been filing paperwork to be appointed to the Santa Monica City Planning Commission.

    Whats the matter Bennie? You cannot run in an election or are you too cheap to pay for the campaign? Nevertheless, you have no big money backing you to run for anything and never will. As no one that matters really cares.

    What I like to see is you lose and how you throw your tantrums and then the cutsy name calling starts. High moral character indeed, you cannot even lose gracefully and try to spin your losses as some sort of victory.

    Your only success is conning child traffickers out of $150K in legal fees to absolutely deliver nothing except name calling. I can’t wait to see you shake and shiver at your next bogus deposition or how about that sneaky way you tried to have the session video taped? That went over like a fart in church didn’t it bozo?

    I wish I had a video of peace officers high fiving me after I told them you were upset like a little girl because some big bad woman was going to kick your ass. It is too much fun watching you squirm like a coward that you are then aligning yourself with a shadowy group that is under FBI invesigation because you just wanted to always appear that you are winning something.

    See you in the trenches, I just hope that Obama wins I hate to hear a whole year of you crying, melting down and throwing hissie fits over your love Obummer.

    Seriously, good luck with Sarah Gorman the planning commissioner of Santa Monica. I have some wealthy friends that are developers in that neck of the woods, they would love to have a little bitch like you to slap around.

  6. The real Richard Braun does not sound like the psychotic nitwit who posted above and he would know that the case resulted in a judgment against him. No this would not be Richard Braun but rather these are the rants of Vanessa Kachadurian of Fresno, California in direct violation of a criminal protective order entered against her for death threats and repeated violations of her protective order. Her trial is coming up soon, so she is getting nervous about having to go to jail where she truly belongs.

    She has been ranting and raving under various names since 2009 during which time her insurance company has paid out nearly six figures in settlement sums and she has been arrested multiple times. Rather than get a life or take meds, she continues to post these obnoxious rants.

    Vanessa see you in court.

    1. Bennet;
      For those of us that are following your online cyber attacks, if you want to show up in court and waste your time again and again. Go ahead. But this time you should make sure that the District Attorney has not lost the file. Plenty of Internet Attorneys are following along, we are very interested in your cyber attacks.

      How did that happen that the file was lost? Think about that “Steamroller” before you set out to make a fool of yourself once again. As you pull your reputation further down into the gutter of Cyber Law.

      We have no room for you anymore in Internet Law, Performinsider, please do an article on the Internet Attorneys that are actually making a name for themselves and winning some high profile landmark Internet cases not this Human Trafficking scum garbage.

      Bennett has sour grapes because what he set out to do is destroy anyone that defends themselves, or wins against him and shows the world what a psychotic immature namecaller he really is. Bennet, is far from perfect, he should have been arrested years ago with the Value Click embarassment and identity theft.

      The interesting thing about Liberal wanna be writers is they always use the same defense against their opponents 1) they will call them “racist” because their view isn’t in line with theirs 2) or they are called “crazy” or “psychotic” or “criminals” 3) They will not tolerant freedmom of speech unless it is directly in line with their views of the world. Somehow you are not allowed to have an opinion.

      I think that is what cost Bennet Kelley his freebie writing at Santa Monica Free Press is his inability to be fair balanced without name calling and attacking people. Although Bennet Kelley still claims to be an “award winning writer for the Santa Monica Free Press” as he touts the fact he WAS legal counsel for Value Click.

      Bennet Kelley should be more honest about himself and what caused him to lose his professional relationship with Santa Monica Free Press and Value Click. To continue to use these 2 names on his bio is false and misleading. Bennet Kelley has a very loose relationship with honesty.

  7. Hey Bennie still scouring the Internet every day playing Internet cop or is it St. Izzy of the Internet. Everyone knows your psychotic behavior and furthermore you have more online email addresses and identitities than people can care to keep up with.

    Me, Richard Braun is also a victim of Bennet Kelley and if you remember clearly, thru all your online identities you never had your day in court. Good luck with harassing that woman, she is a very kind lady with many friends. You file false crap online, and try to harm people like me. When we fight back and put the truth out about you, her comes The real Bennet Kelley, the protector of the Internet or is that inventor of the Internet like his lib weasel friend Bill Gore.

    Here is a modest suggestion for you. Create a new career for yourself away from law, none of the big guns will ever hire you (especially after the fiasco at Value Click) and given your online slander and name calling of people. Secondly, if you cannot find a paying job in public speaking no amount of freebie platforms will advance your career or status as someone anybody with brains or intellect would want to pay many to hear have another meltdown online.

    Lastly, politics will never happen for you old boy, alas you are only destined to be an armchair dog barking from the sidelines but never a lead dog. From all your failed lawsuits and harm you have caused people, I would hope you are praying every night to your rear late uncle the priest bennet Kelley, that you are named after(we hear he actually had a small time career writing a few books).

    Your memory is going bad Bennie, we had our day in court and you lost. it seems its OK for Bennie to slander others, cyber squat on their web sites, harass family members, file frivolous lawsuits for money, steal their photos, steal the federal court seal, put out free crap stories, claim to be an award winning this or that, use your wife’s name in lawsuits, the list goes on and on ….but if your victims fight back or put lies to your claims, Bennie whines like a baby. It’s ok Bennet, I heard all about that cult you tried to use against that victim in Fresno. Seems that the FBI rounded up one of their schools just a few weeks back and their leader is having some major issues with international law and his country has exiled him.

    We know why Santa Monica free press no longer uses you, and why Value Click no longer uses you. So you really must stop making false claims and using them as endorsements. This is all way too big for you Gerard, the Internet isn’t owned by you, nor do you now or ever control speech. In your psychotic mind, you always have to feel you are winning, we know you very well and studied your crazy behavior since you first sprang up claiming to be an Internet Attorney.

    it’s getting crowded and Arizona is where the new crop of Internet attorneys are. What really pisses you off Bennet? Is the list of your victims is fighting you back or the growing list of successful young Internet attorneys?

  8. Well steam roller isn’t my real name, it’s actually one of the many online names Bennet Kelley uses to file fake and altered court documents. I am another Internet attorney, our field is getting crowded. For the record all of us attorneys are known for being psychotic at times. For Bennet Kelley to come online and slander a defendant that actually stood up to his complaint, is low and unprofessional.

    I happen to have talked with her many times giving her advice and helping from the sidelines , as many attorney in Internet law,we believe she was wrongly treated by Bennet. This online slander that Bennet Kelley resorts to is not what Internet law is about. That victim in Fresno, Vanessa Kachadurian, should sue Bennet Kelley for slander. She refuses to take that route because she feels it would be a waste of money and time given the low record of slander and defamation suits that prevail.

    Vanessa believes, as we all do that Bennet’s poor legal ethics, overstating of victories that apparently had not even a summary judgment, false advertising and marketing image of himself, name calling in articles, cheap low disgusting tactics of harming family members, falsely accusing someone of multiple arrests when his own client was an admitted human trafficker whose employees are arrested in other countries for warehousing babies, the list of Bennet Kelleys misuse of the law is long.

    Logically speaking, if an Attorneys ego is so big, he has to always be commenting or creating drama there lies the Attorney that is insecure, with not much future in law. It would please most of us that have been on the end of Bennet Kelley’s computer attacks to know he is finally out of business. Bennet take it from one of the group, you use your computer as a weapon, this gives you a poor reputation, but brings us more business.

  9. Ah finally, Bennet takes his mask off and actually posts using his real name. One thing about sock puppets or trolls they finally reveal themselves once they have hijacked a comment board in the wrong direction.

    Let me refresh your memory. Bennet Kelley fleeced over $109,000 in legal fees from his human trafficker client in 2011, in 2010 the amount was over $99,000. It amounts to approximately $209,000+ in legal fees that Mr. Kelley fleeced out of the human trafficker client over the course of 2.6 years where he harassed the defendant, stole her photo and federal court seal, and many other unethical unprofessional methods Bennet Kelley pulls from up his sleeve.

    The 990 Tax returns for Hopscotch Adoptions are online and available at American Cyber Report. As well as the very telling Mediation Report that led to his client withdrawing her claim and cutting and running with a mere $80,000 from the insurance carrier. If my math serves me correctly $80,000 is a far car short of 6 figures. Secondly it represents more than a short fall of -$120,000+ for Bennet’s human trafficker client. Probably more by the time Bennet took more of a cut.

    Furthermore, the case never made it to summary judgment, no removal of remarks no anything. Ladies and Gentlement (trolls included) you cannot sue truth. In fact, the defendant had her expenses paid for. The problem is Bennet Kelley always wants to WIN WIN WIN, and even when he doesn’t win will still claim he does with fake press releases (we kid you not they are online that Mr. Kelley writes glowing remarks about himself)

    Bennet Kelley set out to emotionally, financially hurt the defendant in Fresno. But failed, if that doesn’t work he goes after hurting your reputation. Calling people names, posting their photos, etc., But if you dare stand up for yourself, you have no rights according to Bennet. He stalked that poor woman on Facebook, everywhere.

    Bennet Kelley still uses Value Click on his Bio, and that he is an “Award Winning Author” (mostly from Santa Monica Free Press) The truth is Bennet hasn’t been legal counsel for Value Click since the unfortunate $2.8 million fine by the FTC which was like 2008 and hasn’t written for Santa Monica Free Press for over 1 year and more than likely will not be invited to because his brand of writing is attacking and lacks fair balance. Then the slanderous labels start.

    Bennet Kelley even tried to hire an agent Jacque Jordan to be a speaker and Celebrity Attorney (that won’t happen) But yes he does host a FREE Radio Blog and writes occasionally for Huffington as some 10,000 others do. Bennet even tried to get appointed to the City Planning of Santa Monica.

    Given that Bennet G. Kelley only represents Human Traffickers or Spam Marketers is this someone you really want entering politics or just merely writing about it. We all know about International Adoptions and the fraud, it’s all out in the open.

    Lately, Bennet is even trying his hand at evaluating indie movies. But he has no authority on film making, merely trying to carve another niche out of his career.

    Do not be fooled by Bennet Kelley’s creative writing about himself. It will always portray those that win against him or that oppose him as “evil” while he portrays himself as the “hero” or “angel” that he is not. Liberals are distinct, if you oppose them you must be “racists” or “psycho” that is their cheap debate is name calling.

  10. For those of us who follow Bennet Kelley’s online self-marketing of himself and hate propaganda toward his adversaries.

    We would like to point out that, Bennet Kelley’s has once again unsuccessfully convinced the District Attorney in Santa Monica that his opponent is evil and or breaking the law.

    So far 2 charges out of 3 DISMISSED and we anxiously await the third as the DA combs through the web of lies that Bennet Kelley has weaved. Unfortunately this type of unprofessionalism and immature antics has almost destroyed Bennet Kelley’s career, except for his self marketing of himself on freebie platforms that no one cares about.

    Read more here:

  11. geez is this guy still around, he is like a 12 year old borrowing his mommy and daddy’s computer. devilishly pranking, punking and trolling the internet like a techie on crack.
    run along now bennie and be a good boy, don’t you have any paying jobs to keep you busy or new clients that require your junk skills at online waterboarding for pay.
    always trying to prove yourself going back in time some 6 years when you actually had a salaried position with a firm that has a worse reputation than you (if that is possible)
    one thing about the internet people with no credibility can puff up larger than life with their own self adoration stories. stooping down the low depths of desperation shines through and the last thing anyone wants to hire is an attorney with an inflated resume of a comedy of errors. one would have thought he would have moved on by now and lived happily ever after in wealth, fame and a house that he actually owns.

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