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Google+ has been Abandoned

The facts about Google+ are oscillating quite a bit these days from good news to bad. Not long ago, there was nothing but good news about Google+, but now people are calling it a “ghost town.” At least, that is what MarketingLand and Umpf are saying about it, based on information and a graphic that are presented in an Umpf blog post. Umpf, an online PR firm, did a small study about whether Google+ was really as popular as some people, including Google, make it seem sometimes. According to their infographic, Google+ may have a large number of user accounts, but in other areas their numbers are not at all impressive.

In their infographic, Umpf states that while Facebook has over 901 million users, Google+ only has about 170 million. However, that’s still above LinkedIn and Twitter in user accounts. So why are people calling it an abandoned network? Well, Umpf answers that question with their explanation of the number of users likely to share content per every 100 million users. In first place came Twitter with 197.3, followed by Facebook with 41.8, and LinkedIn with 15.2. In last place came Google+, with the mediocre average number of 6. So, compared to other social networks, Google has almost no users that are likely to share posts or other content.

Sharing isn’t really the first clue to a successful, active network though. The key factor is user activity within the network. Umpf reported in their graphic that LinkedIn is 2.5 times more active than Google+, Facebook is 7 times more active, and Twitter is a whole 33 times more active than Google’s social network. Also, after breaking down the statistics into different news sectors, Google+ is in the lowest percentage of each category. So, not only are people not really using Google+, but people aren’t really talking about it much either, meaning that its performance isn’t much to talk about.

In a few sentences, Umpf blog writer Adrian Johnson pretty much sums up what people need to know about Google+

“There’s been many articles written about how good, bad and indifferent Google+ is.  But our favourite debate is the ongoing It’s Really Popular Vs It’s A Ghost Town one. So what’s the truth?  Our findings and infographic (see below) appear to suggest the latter: despite its large number of accounts, G+ is bottom of the list of social network users’ favoured channels.”

Google+ seemed like it would be a huge hit, but these numbers (all received as official stats from each network) show that it just is not what Google tries making it out to be. There will still be arguments that say G+ is a great network for businesses and advertisers to show interest in, but Umpf tells us that that has never been the case. In social media marketing, it’s important to know the truth behind the networks themselves, especially if they are made out to be something they aren’t.

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Michael Levanduski

Michael Levanduski is the assistant editor of Performance Marketing Insider, and an experienced freelance writer. He writes content for a wide range of sites in virtually every niche, though he specializes in technical writing as well as creating content for the performance and internet marketing industry. Michael was born in Grand Rapids, MI where he still lives with his wife and three children.

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  1. Ok, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I will try to share my thoughts here but I think it may require a whole blog post. Keep an eye out for it on my blog.
    I so want to say and I guess the facts show that it is very true! I don’t have a huge following like you guys and other big names on the web but I have always been baffled by the lack of interaction I get on Google + I will say that I don’t use it even half as much as I would like to or compared to Facebook, and truth is because I’ve never seen interaction from anything I’ve posted on Google+. I have been using it since beta even and I have a good amount of circles I share with, I will say if I have commented on someone else’s post or asked a question inside someone’s post I’ve been agknowleged. So this has been my experience, now let me share the why?
    Everyone, well everyone on the net is on Facebook, I know not 100% but the numbers are astonishing. So now the super giant of search tries to enter the arena of Social Media. I don’t think anyone could compete with FB even if they offered $50 to every person that joins their new network! Even Google as cool and feature full as it is plus the cash would have trouble getting or matching what FB has. Most people aren’t computer savy and to them, thinking they have to learn a whole new platform / life on Google are quick to disregard and stick with what they know and are used to.
    Now from a marketing standpoint we know how important and how much pull Google has and want to see it succeed. At least I do, maybe it’s from all the hype and somewhat threatening appeal that we have been forced to swallow. To me search results and findability are the foundation of our business. This is what leads me to believe that Google has the numbers they have. The majority of accounts are made by and for businesses. I would love to see a real number of personal accounts that have no ties to a business. I would bet it cuts the number of accounts in half!
    In closing, I myself like the features on G+ and know that it impacts my own business and all of my clients as well. I don’t think they will ever be a Facebook but as long as using it continues to increase visibility it will always be a part of my repertoire. Last words, if your not on Google + for business your losing out on some good stuff.
    Thank you Pace Latin for sharing this info and I look forward to more of the same!

  2. Google+ is kinda boring 🙂 It feels like a enclosed atmosphere! Facebook and Twitter on the other hand is so lively. One can freely breath in them 😀

    1. No disrespect Swayam, but you have 32 people in your circles and are in 41 circles, so of course it’s going to be a little boring.

      I’d be happy to make suggestions of people you might want to consider circling and if you make the effort yourself to add more content then it will become a lot less boring.

      On my sites I am getting more traffic from Google+ than anywhere else, but that is because that is where most of my activity is going, I could just as easy make it LinkedIn, or Stumbled Upon if I put the effort in there.

      1. Hi Jim, I started growing my G+ network 🙂 and yeah! You were right 🙂 It isn’t a ghost town after all. With the introductions of the Communities feature its really cool 🙂

  3. I do have to laugh when I read articles like this (or, should I call them link-bait?) Google+ is so full of life in small, well-developed niches.

    Tapping into one of these has great potential for small businesses – you just have to spend some time there to find those who are your ideal customers.

    The fact that big news stories don’t get shared as much in G+ is testament to this and is a strength, not a weakness.

    For a perfect example of one of these niches, have a look at my blog post on Heather Fay.


  4. I told you so,Google doesn’t understand the meaning of Social Graph and Sharing.You think Mark Zuckerberg is crazy or what?

  5. Google+ Is Dead.

    Google+ might not realize it yet, but its chance to compete with Facebook has come and gone.

  6. Google+ was never as easy to figure out as Facebook or Twitter, in my opinion. Unless you take the time to watch a tutorial, it’s not that user friendly.

    I believe that their 170M user stat is over-inflated as well, since many of the “users” are people that ended up with a Google+ account, because they have a Gmail account. When they started offering Google+ pages, there was a notification in Gmail that many people likely clicked on long enough to have the page setup, only to be abandoned. Most of my friends have an account and have never posted on it, or filled out the details.

    The other problem with another social network is that for the less-than-connected crowd, it seems like just keeping up with Facebook is enough. My parents for example are in their early 60’s. They use Facebook and visit once a day for 10 minutes or less. They don’t interact much, and there are many people just like them. To toss another social network at them that they feel they need to visit and maintain just isn’t realistic.

  7. I can’t help thinking that part of the issue with Google+ haters is they are doing it wrong and not thinking about the bigger picture.

    I’m not even going to try to extrapolate why you should use Google+ and use it a LOT but it’s the backbone of all the services people use on a daily basis.

    All social networks are only every about the people in your immediate circles of influence and the topics that interest you. I don’t care that facebook has a billion people, I don’t know them all, nor do I want to, all I am interested in is the smallish number of personal and professional people I know and how we can interact.

    I’ve never understood why people try to compare. They are not the same thing, so don’t compare them.

    If I was a gambler, I’d be all in on Google+ and I’ve never been a fan boy of Google, so it’s not easy for me to say how right they have got it.

  8. I’m going to keep this short…I’m been marketing and selling stuff online since 2004 and this is not the first time Google has tried to ram something down everybody’s throat.

    Google is doing what other good marketers do…copy what is working. Unfortunately due to their arrogance believing they know better than the marketplace their efforts to match FB and the others have not been very successful.

    I look for G+ to die a slow painful death until G’s next attempt at social marketing.

  9. I think Google+ had the features going for them, but needs to stop trying to compete with Facebook and go after something bigger.

  10. Who said otherwise was either really delusional or was getting paid to say so. It is true that the number of accounts is high, but since when does that say something about the real use of the medium? Everybody jumped on G+ in the beginning because it was something new or because they thought they should at least check it out, but it never really took off – my explanation would be that it did not offer anything radically different from Facebook or specialized in some other nice, which could be said for other networks who experienced a huge success lately (Pinterest, to mention just one). So the people just kept on using Facebook because, well, where was the advantage on leaving it? Google probably thought they would succeed in stealing the show in the way Facebook buried MySpace, but the reality is they came up with a FB knock-off, which offered users nothing more – outside marketing/IT circles there was NO TALK AT ALL about G+, and it´s the common users who ultimately make a new platform successful.

  11. I think the problem with Google+ is a lot of people signed up because they have gmail accounts, and they haven’t gone back to it. If Google could put Gmail, and Google+ on the same page, I’ll bet they would have many more daily users.

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