You’ve got great online gaming content and our job is to help you make the most out of it. We serve over 4.5 billion impressions per month and reach over 450 million unique visitors. Our goal is to provide our publishers with professional service, and highest payout in the industry. Our system detects the ads that perform best on your website and keeps showing them to optimize your eCPM and your publisher earnings. We use Akamai content delivery network to deliver our ads to your visitors.

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Very good offers, dedicated account manager and always get paid on time 🙂 Definitely love working with Ad4Game

  2. I am going to use them for my next gaming blog. But can you help me by giving info on how much they pay and what are the criteria they approve a publisher?

  3. Hello everyone,
    I am an expert in marketing cpa industry for over 10 years and I have had a lot of experience with many large networks such as: EWA Private Network, Envyus Media, BLAM Ads Content Locking, Affiliate Trading, AdWork Media, MaxBounty, PeerFly, Convert2Media, Neverblue, Clickbank. I’ve been working with these networks and done with them more than $ 200,000.00 / per month. All of the networks that I used to work I have never seen a better network of Affiliate Trading Network. All of the networks that I worked, I have never seen a better network than Affiliate Trading Network.
    I love Affiliatetrading.net because they always pay on time. I started to work for them 6 month ago and I didn’t miss anny payment from them. Jason andhis tearm are always available and help me with day-to-day issues and their attitude is very positive. Commision is hightest and their offers has good convert rate. we’re optimizing all campaigns to receive minimum $50k/month from them. I’ll stick with them for a long while and with them grow up. Highly recommend Afiliatetrading to anyone interested in this industry. AWESOME network !
    Here is a payment on December I received from AffiliateTrading.net:


    Right now, just sign up with my link refer then you will be approved. Here is my link refer: http://network.affiliatetrading.net/signup_affiliate/3726

    Sign Up Now+ Marketing + their help + develop === $$$$$$$$$$$

    1. Hello, can you help me consult or advise to get my websites started on CPA? I have no ideas where to put ads and how to code.

  4. Very good gaming offers and high payouts, I just got paid for November couple of days ago 😀 Definitely would recommend to work with ad4game.

  5. As an advertiser I can say that my experience with ad4game was really disappointing. Poor service overall and I was not happy with them at all. There are MUCH better places to buy gaming traffic imo

  6. I still wait payments from ad4game.com,till now only one payment,hope soon I will get paid.I will repost when I will get it,thanks.

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