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Are Apple Users Slightly Retarded?

For some unknown reason Apple has started new advertising, that has gone a bit viral, that promotes Apple users as, well… slightly inept. If you’ve missed these ads, they show Apple Employees helping consumers with a variety of issues at all times of the day. The ads seemingly imply that if you own a Mac, or really into Apple, you are more than slightly unable to handle normal tasks. The ad below is actually a bit on the creepy side and can be read as either stupid man needs help or stalker follows teenage boy home to wake him up in the middle of the night. Whatever you take of the ads, you have to wonder if Steve Jobs would have ever approved these ads, as they don’t seem to imply innovation. Apple went from “Think Different” to “Think Less” in a decade?

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Pace Lattin

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  1. Weird, how would you think these spots would imply Apple customers are slightly retarded? The spots are funny and to me the meaning is more “Apple is always there for you, no matter what or when”.

    But maybe that’s because I have half a brain… ;o)

  2. In my opinion, all these ads about Apple are, of course, a little bit silly or are aimed to show Apple’s users like this. I don’t like them

  3. It isnt good business to erase comments. Very disappointed by this site. You could have given the same message over without using that title

  4. I can relate to the ads (well, not the stalker part).

    Have to admit, I bought my first Mac 6 years ago because I’m not the most PC/Microsoft savvy person in the world.
    Best move I ever made.

    As advertised then, “it works right out of the box”. And now they really are there for any minor or major help needed, even a stupid question about how something works.

    Maybe they’ve realized that ther are more customers like me than there are people who consider themselves to be PC programmers. I agree that if you can build and program your own computer, PC is for you.

    Most of my friends and acqaintances will stay with their PC’s because it’s hard to admit that you’ve been wrong for the last 15 or 20 years. Maybe that will be the focus of Apple’s next ad campaign.

  5. What is normal to some -esp those of us into IM- may not be normal to others. I don’t believe the average person does know how to edit photos and send them to a bunch of ppl as even I sometimes get asked questions on stuff like this offline by ppl who are very intelligent in other areas of life.

    So to me this ad says Apple always has someone to help no matter what time it is or whatever else may going on in your life.

  6. Not to mention the rabid Apple fan boys who will rain down insults on you for criticizing an Apple product.For example,the iPad is not the kind of tablet I need because I have no use for it other than playing games.I know that someone will start quoting some iPad specs for me,but thanks I dont need it,I want a newer productive tool like the Surface Tablet

  7. Personally this is great marketing on the part of Apple. There depicting the fact that help is there when you need it instead of being stuck on hold for two hour only to get someone from some third world country who learned English as a fourth language!

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